Fitting Guide

1. The Band Size (the numbers bit) When wearing a correctly fitting bra most of the weight of your breasts should be supported by the band of bra (that’s the bit that goes around the rib cage) and not the shoulder straps. So the first rule is to wear the correct band size. Have a look at the bra you’re wearing now. If you stand sideways on in the mirror is the band of the bra the same height as the bottom of your bra cups? Or is it riding up your back? If the bra does ride up your back the band is too large.

Remember - If the band is moving up your back then your boobs are moving down your front!

2. The Cup Size
The most important rule about your cup size is that it must not trap any of your breast tissue. So, before you check whether the cup fits it needs to be in the right place. Put your bra on as you normally would. To help the wire sit in the right place put your right hand in your left cup so you’re holding your boob and hold the front of the left cup with your left hand. Now with your right hand lift up your left boob and at the same time lift up the left cup. Next let go of your boob and then let go of the cup. Repeat this step for your other boob. The wire should now be sitting in the right place and you can begin to check the cup size. The top edge of the cup should lay flat against your boob and not cut in. So when looking in the mirror if it looks like you have 4 boobs the cup size is too small.

The entire length of the wire should lay flat against your rib cage, making especially sure that this is the case between your boobs. There should not be a visible gap between the ends of the wires and your body. If there is, the cup is too small.

3. The shoulder straps
In most cases if your shoulder straps fall off your shoulders throughout the day they are too loose. When your straps are fitted correctly they should be firm against your shoulders but not digging in so much as to cause discomfort.

You should be able to lift your bra straps up by up to an inch… not so high that you can hook then around your ears!

If when you tighten your shoulder straps the back of your bra begins to ride up your back the band size is too big.

Top tip – If you go down back size because it is too big, regardless of whether the cups fit or not, you need to go up a cup size E.g if you are wearing a 34DD and the back is too loose but the cups fit you need to try a 32E.

So here is an example:

If you are currently wearing a 36C and using the guide above, you know the back is too big and the cups are too small then first you need to:
1. Go down a back size (36C to 34C)
2. Then go up a cup size (34C to 34D)
3. Now using the top tip, go up another cup size (34D to 34DD)

So in this case 34DD is the size you should order. However, if the cup is still too small try a 34E. If the cup is too loose try a 34D

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