Choosing the right sports bra that works for you!

Choosing the right sports bra that works for you!

All bigger busted women know the exercise struggle - trying to keep our breasts in check while staying healthy is an epic mission before we even put our trainers on! Whether running with your arm crossed across your chest to stop the bounce, or attempting some impressive yoga moves without the ladies peeking out to make an appearance, it is amazing the difference a well fitting sports bra can make to your fitness regime. To help support you this January (pun intended!) we are offering you £5 off any sports bra to ensure you get off to the healthiest and most comfortable start to 2022.

A sports bra does need to be expertly fitted to ensure you have the right level of support and fit to help protect your breasts during any workout. So how do you know if your sports bra is right for you? Like any bra, the band should be tight and not ride up the back. The cups should be snug, with no overflow of the breast. If you find that one sports bra isn’t enough and so are wearing 2 bras or a supportive top in addition to your sports bra, this is a sure sign that the bra is either ill fitting or isn’t offering the correct support for your needs. If you think you may not have the right size sports bra, come and visit us in-store for an expert fitting and we will be able to recommend a bra that is suitable for it’s intended use.

The great thing about a well fitting sports bra is that it should be really comfortable to wear for extended times. This means that if you love the fit, support and shape of a sports bra there is no reason not to use them for everyday use. Available in different support levels, padded and non padded and underwired or not, there is excellent versatility in sports bras. For example, an encapsulated sports bra such as the Panache Ultimate Sports Bra fit and support each breast separately, giving excellent support and fit, designed for movement. Perfect for bigger busted women and high intensity workouts, this classic fitting sports bra is a very popular choice.

If you prefer bras without underwire, a well fitting band can give you all the support you need whilst ensuring you are comfortable all day. For example the Freya Dynamic non-wired sports bra is designed for high intensity workouts with a wide, flat underband and double layer cups, making this bra comfortable for wear all day.

For younger teenage girls who are looking for a supportive sports bra to go under their PE kit, the Royce Impact Free Flex-Fit Sports Bra is a perfect first sports bra as it is lightly padded for discretion and a supportive underband for comfort and support.

For larger busted teenagers, or adults who need a light sports bra, the Triumph Triaction Wellness Non-Wired Sports Bra is ideal for everyday wear and for low intensity workouts. It has bounce control technology, whilst maintaining the feel of a light, everyday bra.

We recommend you come in-store to see our expert team to get fitted for your perfect sports bras. This will ensure that you have the bra that gives superior fit for your needs, whether running marathons or simply staying comfortable all day long. You can book your appointment here, or call us on 01208 816 446  where our team will be happy to help.