How to manage your changing bra requirements with changes in lifestyle

How to manage your changing bra requirements with changes in lifestyle

If you are looking to improve your health for 2022, the likelihood is that your body will go through physical changes. As your breasts have a distribution of fat within them and muscle beneath, any reduction in body fat or increase in muscle tone can affect the size and shape of your breasts significantly, making your current bras unsuitable for your changing shape. In all likelihood, lifestyle changes will see you go through several bra sizes until your shape stabilises, which will make them uncomfortable and ill supporting unless you maintain regular fittings.

Our in-store bra fitters have experience in fitting women who are on a fitness journey. They are able to ensure your bras are comfortable and supportive and recommend the best styles for your shape and changing needs to help make your bras last as long as possible. We often see women requiring different styles and sizes throughout their journey to compensate for body changes. This means that very often bras may not fit for more than a few months as someones healthy changes may take several months to stabilise a persons size and shape. With this in mind, we recommend purchasing a small number of well fitting, highly versatile bras that you can use in rotation for a short period of time until your shape once again changes.

Here are some signs that it is time to get re-fitted for bras as your body changes:
* The band is no longer snug, even on the tightest setting
* The band rides high on your back
* Your breasts don’t fill the cups in the same way, or no longer give you the desired shape
* The bra becomes uncomfortable and you find yourself adjusting it regularly

When buying new bras in this transition time, think about which bras will give you most versatility - for example, you may be more likely to wear natural beige colours over highly patterned bras in warmer weather so that they are discreet under thin tops. Fantasie Illusion Side Support Bra in Natural Beige for example is an affordable bra that will give excellent shape to larger cup sizes to ensure that it can be worn under almost any outfit, making it an incredibly versatile bra.

Due to fat loss and muscle gain, the style of bra you choose may differ over time too. For example, you may want the added support and shape of a padded bra such as the  Freya Wild Demi Moulded Bra, which has seam free cups for a smooth shape and is lightly moulded, which may help give you support for longer. 

A sports bra such as Elomi Energise can be comfortable for everyday use and have extra hooks that can mean extended wear.

A fitting with our expert team will help you get the best size and shape of bra, but we can also help to advise you on getting the most out of your bras while your shape is changing.

When it comes to budget, we have our end of line discounted bras (with a wider selection available in-store), that allow you to pick up a bra at a lower cost, knowing that you will likely only need it for a short time. We recommend you coming into the store for a professional fitting and to try on a selection of styles to see what is best for your changing requirements.

Once your weight stabilises, it is time to treat yourself to that stunning lingerie you have been lusting after. After all, you will have definitely earned yourself a treat after all your hard work!

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