Everyone's journey is different, so what you might need or want to wear can differ to others. If you would like any additional help choosing the bra bras for you please either drop us an email at hello@mish-online.co.uk or call our specialist team on 01208 816446.

Here you will find our range of traditional post surgery and mastectomy bras. Some are pocketed and and others are not. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a pocketed bra is personal preference, not a necessity, even if you have had a mastectomy. For some, after a period of healing (typically 6 months+) it is possible to wear a wired bra, and for those with lymphoedema in the breast tissue, rather that the arm, wearing a wired bra can help significantly to reduce the symptoms. If you would like to wear a wired bra, we strongly recommend having a bra fitting appointment with us. These can be book via the book now button on the top right hand side