Going Bra-less During Lock Down - The Temptation Vs the Harsh Reality

We’re all experiencing a brave new world right now. Being confined to our homes is a new (very bizarre) reality, to which we are all trying hard to adjust. As we have office meetings from our lounge, follow online fitness videos in our pyjamas and try not to go stir crazy homeschooling the kids, we are all trying to breath deeply and remember that this lock down (hopefully) won’t last forever. 

Perhaps one of the nicest things about being under lock down is the chance to relax into ourselves. Being able to slacken our usual hair care/make-up/pampering routine is saving us time and energy and, unless having Zoom meetings with clients to impress, we quite like the chance to loosen our regimes by going ‘au naturel’! Staying in our leisurewear/PJs until way past lunchtime is undoubtedly a luxury we’ll perhaps miss when this all ends.

Many women are also lauding the joy of going braless. The temptation is there; whilst we’re not seeing anyone, why should we wear a bra? Staying at home means comfort, and not wearing a bra is the ultimate in comfort right? Well, let’s take a look at that…

Is Going Bra-less More Comfortable?

Not wearing a bra might indeed mean that some of you are more comfortable, but that is most probably because you’re not wearing the right size bra!

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you are feeling more comfortable going braless during lock down, it’s very likely that your bra is incorrectly-fitted and the wrong shape for your body.

Of course we understand that it feels amazing to derobe and put on your PJs at the end of a busy day, but this shouldn’t be because your bra is so uncomfortable that you can’t wait to throw it off. Bras shouldn’t be uncomfortable – they just shouldn’t!

If you are wearing a beautifully-made, correctly-fitted bra then it should be soft-as-butter with no digging, no cutting-in and certainly no back or shoulder pain. Your bra should be comfortable as a minimum requirement, but in truthfully you shouldn’t be able to feel that you’re wearing one at all. 

The Problems With Going Bra-less 

Whilst tempting, going bra-less whilst under lock down could potentially have a detrimental effect upon your breasts. If you’ve been wearing bras for your whole adult life, your boobs will be used to being supported and going without this support has the risk of causing long-term damage.

The Cooper’s Ligament is the name of the connective tissue in the breast that helps to maintain its structural integrity. Not wearing a bra could damage this ligament leading to the breasts sagging and causing tissue damage. Just like damaging ligaments in the knee or other parts of the body due to sporting injury, damaging the ligaments in the breast tissue can be very painful and if torn, can be irreparable.

Going bra-less can also lead to back pain as your back and neck picks up the strain, especially for women with larger and heavier breasts. This in turn can affect posture and alter the shape of your breasts.  

Your bra has a very important role, and that is to protect and bear the weight of your bust. With a properly-fitted bra, everything is held in the right place and you get the right amount of support to the breast and shoulder, supporting the whole body correctly. Wearing a well-fitted bra should feel like you are not wearing a bra at all! 

Comfortable Wireless Bras 

We’ve put together a gorgeous collection of comfortable wireless bras which can hopefully provide the perfect stop gap between going bra-less and protecting your breast tissue during lock down.  Take a look and hopefully you’ll find a new, more comfortably supported you… 

Sugar Candy Seamless Bra (Pink)
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Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless bra in pink is a luxury seamless bra for fuller busted ladies. They are designed to provide women with unrestricted comfort and support and seriously, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Engineered via a revolutionary seamless technology and carefully placed strength and support panels, provide for the shape and its moulded cups enable projection for full busted women.

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra (Ivory) 

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra in Ivory is one of our best-selling soft cup bras. It is a great choice for fuller cups offering firm support and excellent comfort. It combines a soft lace upper cup with dotty satin lower cups for a truly luxurious feel. The four-piece cup creates a great natural shape making it the perfect choice for everyday comfort.

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The Triumph Doreen X is one of the best selling bras in the market, for over 40 years. The soft non-wired cups allow ultimate comfort to its wearer. The delicate lace adds a touch of elegance while also still making sure it's soft against the skin. The Doreen X has great support and is brilliant every day bra.

Along with these, we have a whole collection of both wired and non-wired bras which are as beautifully comfortable as the skin you’re in… take a look here