Rixie Clip Bra Band Tightener/Extender Single Pack

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Rixie Clip 3 Hook 3/4" single
Colour White

Rixie Clip, is an innovative product that lets you tighten or extender your bra band. If you struggle to find bras with band sizes that fits you, then a Rixie clip could solve the problem. This clever little product slides on to the back of your bra allowing you to shorten or lengthen your bra band size as you need. All Rixie Clips feature tiny metal teeth to grip your bra band tightly so there is no fear of the clip slipping. once in place the Rixie Clip has a standard set or bra eyes for you to hook your bra into. 

Not only can a Rixie Clip be used on a new bra, but you can also be used it to prolong the lives of old ones. If you find yourself constantly pulling your bra band down, a Rixie Clip could make the band tighter.  Rixie Clips are available in 3 colours black, white or nude. 

To determine which size you need, measure the vertical distance between two hooks of the bra you wish to use it with (measure from the top of one hook to the top of the next one down). If the distance is near to half an inch then order the ½” clip. If it is nearer to three quarters of an inch order the ¾”. The distance between hooks does not need to be exact.

Essential and also wonderful, we bring you the brilliant Rixie Clip. Do you struggle to find bras with band sizes that actually fit you? Or find yourself constantly tugging and pulling your bra band back down into place throughout the day? Then look no further! Rixie Clip is the marvellous and fully adjustable solution for any ill-fitting bra by allowing you to reduce/tighten your bra band size.

  • Please note this is a single pack of 1 Rixie Clip (3 pack is available)
  • Reduces/Tightens bra bands with 2/3 Hook 1/2″/ 3/4″ closures.
  • Perfect for expanding bras during pregnancy
  • Rejuvenates older stretched out bands of the bras you thought you had to throw away.
  • Fully adjustable allows you to change your fit as often as you need vs.the traditional sewing alteration methods.
  • Easy to use, works in just seconds.
  • Protective coating, safe for skin sensitivities.