The Importance of a Correctly Fitted Bra, By Mish

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but in our experience, the number could be closer to 90%. Why, because our bodies are always changing, you might not have put weight on or changed clothes sizes but with 88 bra sizes in our shop, it is easy to change size with noticing. One thing we all know is you wouldn’t hobble around in uncomfortable ill-fitting shoes, so why do it with your bra?

My mission for the last decade has been to empower women by fitting and providing correctly-fitted bra s for ladies with larger boobs. My brand Mish fills a void in the marketplace by bringing supportive, yet attractive lingerie to ladies all shapes and sizes.

 I speak at events, act as an advisor, mentor start-up businesses and run workshops to help women to find their correct bra size and to realise the importance of wearing well-fitted bras. My team are boob aficionados, masters of their game, proud bastions of the bra industry… what we don’t know about fitting bras isn’t worth knowing.

And This is Why…

Women with larger boobs (size DD+) have heavier boobs, so they have more problems if wearing an incorrectly fitted bra than women with smaller boobs. Wearing a correctly fitted bra not only makes women look and feel more in control, but it can correct posture and end back pain. Yes really.

A good bra makes a massive difference to how clothes hang, and can have a hugely positive impact on bad backs and sloping shoulders. It can quite literally, change your life.

Understanding Bra Sizes

To put bra sizes in perspective; there are 7 different shoe sizes that women can be (and most women are only 4 or 5 of these sizes), but there are up to 100 bra sizes!

Increments are very small and there is lots of variation and the way different bras fit; sizing is as vast and individual as you and your boobs. There is no standardised bra fitting chart so you could be a 32DD in one bra but 34D in another.

To dispel a bra sizing myth – double letters aren’t half sizes! In the UK we have double letter sizing but German-made bras for instance don’t have double letters and will go straight from a D to an E. Double letters are full sizes which just go up in smaller increments.