Ever wondered how cup and band sizes work together?

Well, the lovely Georgie from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has the answer! The other day she posted this on Facebook. Band:Bust Ratio

“Not all ‘D cups’ are the same size – it’s all relative.” – Georgie


As you can see, your cup size doesn’t really mean anything without your band size.

If your boobs are a 30F, then the volume of your boobs is the same as someone who is a 38C – the difference is of course, the size you need for your band. Simply saying your a ‘DD’, an ‘E’, ‘F’ ‘G’ etc. is like saying you have wide or narrow feet, it doesn’t say much about your size (although films would like to make you think differently!).

Next time you go bra shopping, remember that the band size is just as important as the cup. If you find the band starts to ride up your back – you can test this by rolling your shoulders, doing a little dance and just jiggling about to mimic everyday movement – then try switching to a smaller band size, and increasing the cup size instead.

P.S You definitely want to add Fuller Figure Fuller Bust to your daily reading list! 🙂


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