Virtual Bra Fitting Service

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. You wouldn’t hobble around in uncomfortable ill-fitting shoes, so why do it with your bra?

Although nothing can truly replace a good proper bra fitting in person, whilst our shop is closed we are offering a virtual bra fitting service which is proving incredibly popular. Our one-on-one live virtual bra fitting service offers women a personal consultation based on what styles and sizes will suit their body shape. It’s like having a personal lingerie shopper right there in your own home!

The team here at Mish are boob aficionados, masters of their game, proud bastions of the bra industry… what we don’t know about fitting bras isn’t worth knowing. As with shoes, bra sizes differ from brand to brand so your professional bra fitting specialist here at Mish is your best friend when it comes to navigating the sometimes confusing world of bras.

All you will need is a smartphone or computer with video calling (Zoom/WhatsApp/Skype), as well as a form-fitting T-shirt (there’s no need to remove your own bra). Virtual appointments typically last around 30 minutes, after which you will have your selections shipped to your doorstep. You’ll also receive the crucial follow-up fit check for after your bras arrive which will take around 15 minutes.



Book Your Virtual Bra Fitting Appointment

If you would like to book a virtual bra fitting, please drop us an email at and we'll book an appointment in for you.