Hey, I’m Zoe and I was briefly introduced to you in our welcome post as the newest member of the Mish team. I first got into the world of bra-fitting when I went to buy my first proper bikini. As a 16 year old with an E cup bust, I was heavily aware that I could not get away with the Roxy bikinis my friends loved so much. In fact, just the thought of triangle bikini cups which barely cover your nipple completely horrified me. Yet, with a family holiday to the Canaries looming, shopping for swimwear was high on the agenda.

My first stop was M&S (my mum had told me they made bra-sized bikinis which would offer me the coverage I needed) but after plodding through the very basic designs, I was feeling pretty resentful towards my bust and its failure to fit into young, colourful delights.

A few days later I was hit with the inspiration to visit my local bra boutique. The lack of swimwear in the shop was rather unpromising but on chatting to the owner, I was handed the Freya Swimwear catalogue. On looking through, I was mesmerized! Jumping out of the pages were an array of vibrant and exciting designs including a bright floral bikini which still sticks in my mind.

Freya Disco Lemonade

On my holiday, I was beaming by the pool. The prettiness of my new bikini distracted me from feeling self-conscious about my figure whilst the underwired, bra-sized cups ensured that my shape was presented in the best way possible. After all, in my mind a good fitting bikini was way more important than a good fitting bra due to the amount of people seeing me in it!

Six years later, after a break from the industry, I have returned to do what I love and joined the team at Mish. Here, bra-sized swimwear is stocked in an abundance of beautiful shapes and styles, from bandeau bikini tops to gathered tankinis that create a flattering fit across the tummy. Nevertheless, even some of my friends do not know that such swimwear exists and I think it’s time that they did!

One of my friends was put off water activities because of her boobs and her reaction to her first experience in an underwired, bra-sized tankini is written about in her blog on Sofa Dodger. She’s trying 100 new sports in a year, now that’s impressive!