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If you’re in a couple that celebrates Valentine’s Day then you’ll know that 14th February is just around the corner. In the UK, lingerie is probably one of the most popular Valentine’s presents and thousands of racy underwear sets are sold every February to hopeful individuals praying that they’ve got it right this year!

Wearing beautiful lingerie is empowering and can make you feel incredible. The lucky recipient will likely be tickled pink that you’ve given her such a thoughtful and lusted-after gift, and you’ll no doubt be in the good books for weeks. However skimpy barely-there panties and pornstar-worthy bras aren’t on our Valentine’s wish list this year, and here’s why…

It’s just not comfortable. There, we said it.

It’s hard to put into words just how torturous badly fitting underwear can be. Imagine wearing a bra that is slowly constricting your ribcage, or wearing skimpy knickers that rub you in places where they really shouldn’t. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is getting jiggy because, well, the chafing, drooping, squeezing and wedgies you’ll experience at the hands of terribly-fitted lingerie means you won’t be even close to feeling your best! 

Giving well-fitted lingerie as a Valentine’s present is a beautiful thing. Believe us; being presented with a lovingly wrapped set of stunning lingerie IN THE CORRECT SIZE is nothing short of incredible and will make us do a little happy dance.  

But as we know, sizing can be a complete nightmare. Women often end up buying the wrong sizes for themselves, and they’re the ones with the breasts! So expecting someone to use guess work or good judgement (or, in some very worrying cases, a show of hands to the shop assistant) is madness. 

That’s where we’re here to help! If you’re considering buying your significant other beautiful lingerie for Valentine’s Day this year then read on. Our helpful guide to buying lingerie as a V-Day gift will give you all the information you need to get it right this year!

How to Choose Underwear for Your Partner


As mentioned above, many women don’t even know what size bras they should be wearing themselves,  so what hope does someone else have of getting it right! If your lady has already been fitted by us and knows the correct size, then peek into her underwear drawer and read the label from her most-worn/favourite bra, and come into the shop armed with the size so we can help you. If you can get the brand/make of that bra too that would be really helpful! We stock cup sizes B-JJ and band sizes 28-44, so we’re sure to have what you need

If you’re not sure that she’s been fitted in a while, then we strongly recommend arranging for her to get correctly fitted here in our lingerie boutique in Wadebridge. Our Luxury Fitting Experience package is an incredibly popular gift for Valentine’s Day and one which your woman will adore. Trust us. For just £50, the lucky lady in your life will be able to come in for a bra consultation with a lingerie specialist, get properly fitted and matched with the perfect underwear for her body shape, all whilst enjoying a glass of Prosecco. She will get £50 worth of lingerie and a goodie bag to take home too! Alternatively, if you’d rather buy her a gift voucher so she can come into the shop and pick something out herself then we do them in any increment you like from £10-200 (and above!)


Look at what she already has. If there isn’t a single thong in her underwear drawer, she doesn’t wear thongs. That will be because she doesn’t like them, not because she has always wanted one! Ditto anything crotchless. Scratchy fake red lace also. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with buying her something you want to see on her, you will get a lot more brownie points if she loves it and feels comfortable in it, too. 

The female figure is a work of art that deserves to be honoured with only the most flattering undergarments. There are so many different types of knickers and briefs out there and each woman has her favourite style so it’s important for you to take note of what she wears. Does she like hipster briefs or does she like a little more coverage? Are her bras and knickers bright and patterned, or are they mostly black? What kind of colour palette does she prefer? Are you seeing lots of lace, or just plain cotton? All of these things are good to keep in mind to make your life a little easier once you come in to pick that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

From balcony to plunge, full-cup to longline… the world of bra styles can seem like a minefield and there are many many different types of bras in the giant world of lingerie.Some are better suited for busty gals, and some are better for smaller frames. Take a look at the shape of your partner’s regular bras and let us know the shape (or look on the Mish Online website to find similar) and let us help you with picking the perfect shape bra for your partner. 


A nice alternative (or addition!) to a bra and pants set is a body – bodies are really nice to wear under clothes but also super sexy and easy to buy as they come in clothes sizes and accommodate a large array of bust sizes. For example the Superboost lace body from Goassard can fit anything from a 32D to a 34GG and can be worn under a dress with a bra, but also with no bra. They are nice and warm for wearing under clothes in winter and make you feel held in and beautiful. Likewise with gorgeous lace chemises like this Wacoal lace affair. We also stock a gorgeous range of luxurious loungewear by Mey which is perhaps not as ‘sexy’ as a gift for Valentine’s, but it might be something that a lady wouldn’t buy herself so it’s a really lovely gift and something she’ll wear time and time again.  

Luxury Lingerie Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Below we’ve picked out some of the more traditionally ‘Valentines-y’ lingerie items (red and black!) to get you thinking about what she might like as a gift this year. But we can’t highlight enough that coming in to have a chat is the best way so we can carefully guide you to choosing exactly what will evoke enormous grins on Valentine’s morning – from you and her. Happy Valentine’s day!

Simply call us on 01208 816446 to book your partner’s luxury fitting experience or to buy a gift voucher. Or pop in to say hi and chat about finding your perfect Valentine’s gift, we’re very friendly honest!

Mish xx

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