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Going Bra-less During Lock Down

We’re all experiencing a brave new world right now. Being confined to our homes is a new (very bizarre) reality, to which we are all trying hard to adjust. As we have office meetings from our lounge, follow online fitness videos in our pyjamas and try not to go stir crazy homeschooling the kids, we are all trying to breath deeply and remember that this lock down (hopefully) won’t last forever. 

Perhaps one of the nicest things about being under lock down is the chance to relax into ourselves. Being able to slacken our usual hair care/make-up/pampering routine is saving us time and energy and, unless having Zoom meetings with clients to impress, we quite like the chance to loosen our regimes by going ‘au naturel’! Staying in our leisurewear/PJs until way past lunchtime is undoubtedly a luxury we’ll perhaps miss when this all ends.

Many women are also lauding the joy of going braless. The temptation is there; whilst we’re not seeing anyone, why should we wear a bra? Staying at home means comfort, and not wearing a bra is the ultimate in comfort right? Well, let’s take a look at that…

Is Going Bra-less More Comfortable?

Not wearing a bra might indeed mean that some of you are more comfortable, but that is most probably because you’re not wearing the right size bra!

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you are feeling more comfortable going braless during lock down, it’s very likely that your bra is incorrectly-fitted and the wrong shape for your body.

Of course we understand that it feels amazing to derobe and put on your PJs at the end of a busy day, but this shouldn’t be because your bra is so uncomfortable that you can’t wait to throw it off. Bras shouldn’t be uncomfortable – they just shouldn’t!

If you are wearing a beautifully-made, correctly-fitted bra then it should be soft-as-butter with no digging, no cutting-in and certainly no back or shoulder pain. Your bra should be comfortable as a minimum requirement, but in truthfully you shouldn’t be able to feel that you’re wearing one at all. 

not wearing the right bra size

The Problems With Going Bra-less 

Whilst tempting, going bra-less whilst under lock down could potentially have a detrimental effect upon your breasts. If you’ve been wearing bras for your whole adult life, your boobs will be used to being supported and going without this support has the risk of causing long-term damage.

The Cooper’s Ligament is the name of the connective tissue in the breast that helps to maintain its structural integrity. Not wearing a bra could damage this ligament leading to the breasts sagging and causing tissue damage. Just like damaging ligaments in the knee or other parts of the body due to sporting injury, damaging the ligaments in the breast tissue can be very painful and if torn, can be irreparable.

Going bra-less can also lead to back pain as your back and neck picks up the strain, especially for women with larger and heavier breasts. This in turn can affect posture and alter the shape of your breasts.  

Your bra has a very important role, and that is to protect and bear the weight of your bust. With a properly-fitted bra, everything is held in the right place and you get the right amount of support to the breast and shoulder, supporting the whole body correctly. Wearing a well-fitted bra should feel like you are not wearing a bra at all! 

Image of Sloggi Zero Feel Top in Navy

Comfortable Wireless Bras 

We’ve put together a gorgeous collection of comfortable wireless bras which can hopefully provide the perfect stop gap between going bra-less and protecting your breast tissue during lock down.  Take a look and hopefully you’ll find a new, more comfortably supported you… 

Sugar Candy Seamless Bra (Pink)

Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless bra in pink is a luxury seamless bra for fuller busted ladies. They are designed to provide women with unrestricted comfort and support and seriously, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Engineered via a revolutionary seamless technology and carefully placed strength and support panels, provide for the shape and its moulded cups enable projection for full busted women.

sugar candy bra in pink

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra (Ivory) 

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra in Ivory is one of our best-selling soft cup bras. It is a great choice for fuller cups offering firm support and excellent comfort. It combines a soft lace upper cup with dotty satin lower cups for a truly luxurious feel. The four-piece cup creates a great natural shape making it the perfect choice for everyday comfort.

Image of Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra in Ivory

Wacoal Net Effects Bralette  (Rose Dust) 

Wacoal Net Effects is a contemporary addition to this easy wearing lace collection.  It offers the perfect combination of both comfort and style whilst showcasing a beautiful floral embroidery for an elegant finish. We absolutely love this supportive bralette and the comfort you experience when wearing it is second-to-none.

Image of Wacoal Net Effects Bralette in Rose Dust

Triumph Doreen X Soft Cup Bra  (Nude) 

The Triumph Doreen X is one of the best selling bras in the market, for over 40 years. The soft non-wired cups allow ultimate comfort to its wearer. The delicate lace adds a touch of elegance while also still making sure its soft against the skin. The Doreen X has great support and is brilliant every day bra.

Image of Triumph Doreen X Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra In Nude

Along with these, we have a whole collection of both wired and non-wired bras which are as beautifully comfortable as the skin you’re in… take a look here

Virtual Bra Fittings 

Knowing when it’s time to get a new correctly-fitted bra is the first crucial step to becoming empowered and finding a new (more comfortable) you. Breasts can change size because of so many factors… pregnancy, weight change, diet, a change in medication, change in exercise routine… even if the scales aren’t changing, what you’re eating can sometimes make breasts change size/shape, so getting properly fitted regularly is vital. 

Comfort is your right, not a privilege! Finding a correctly-fitting bra can be a minefield, and if you’ve never had a bra fitting or it’s a long time since you’ve had one, then it’s likely that a new bra can give you a new lease of life as you “free the squeeze”! Get in touch with us to hear about our virtual bra fitting service we are launching soon. There’s no need to go bra-less at all! 

Last week we mentioned there was only one secret you needed to know to ensure your party dress is looking its best – and that’s getting your underwear right! Now that we’ve got the sizing bit of out of the way (for tips on finding your fit, view our post from last week), let’s get onto the fun stuff! STYLES!

Just over a week ago The Daily Mail released their ‘Ultimate Christmas Party Dress Hot List’ and it really is the ultimate list, we can guarantee you there is a style to suit whatever your shape, budget and event!

So to make your life just that little bit easier this Christmas (because we all know there is so much to do this time of year!) we have picked a couple of our favourite styles from the list, and handpicked the perfect lingerie solution for it!

Are you ready to be inspired?

                 2E80A6CF00000578-3320542-Left_Sequin_shift_dress_blue_40_Missguided_Right_-m-50_1447687294540 superboost_lace_7711_7714_twilight_frontcropped

Dress: Low Cut V-necks
Bra: Gossard Superboost Padded Plunge in Twilight
Why: Superboost offers a low front centre gore and thin straps for minimal coverage, meaning no unsightly bra flashes!

                     2E80802300000578-3320542-Left_Silver_Metallic_Shift_Dress_26_Wallis_-m-34_1447686295109  elodie-cobalt-underwired-side-support-bra-2182-brief-2185-fcropped

Dress: Wrap Dresses
Bra: Fantasie Elodie Balcony in Cobalt
Why: Elodie is the one for wrap dresses as it’s balcony style has wide set straps that will sit perfectly underneath. Wrap dresses are great if you require a bra with a higher front for that extra support!

                  2E91043100000578-3320542-Left_Zizzi_Velvet_Faux_Wrap_Effect_Dress_64_90_Right_-a-7_1447859556332 anushka-black-underwired-plunge-bra-4061-brief-4065-fcropped

Dress: Plus Size
Bra: Elomi Anushka Plunge 
Why: Elomi is always are go to style for fuller breasts! They offer fantastic support and are absolutely gorgeous. We think Anushka will jingle all the way this Christmas with it’s fiery red colour and pretty lace detailing!

    2E7FBDDC00000578-3320542-Left_Embellished_Grey_Strappy_Midi_Prom_Dress_75_Simply_Be_-a-30_1447686150559 evie_strapless_nude-crop 2E8ED1BF00000578-3320542-Left_Chi_Chi_London_Niamh_Dress_39_99-m-30_1447846172974

Dresses: Spaghetti Straps & Strapless
Bra: Panache Evie Strapless in Nude
Why: Seems obvious really doesn’t it? Strapless dresses need a strapless bra. But what about those with those teeny tiny thin straps? Best to keep the straps away and opt for strapless there too! We love Evie by Panache as it offers all the support of a normal bra and it’s paneled cups means it has an amazing fit!

2E91D92A00000578-3320542-image-a-28_1447862402649 evie_strapless_bra_black-crop

Dress: Sheer
Bra: Panache Evie Strapless in Black
Why: There’s nothing more feminine and classic than a sheer or lace panel! So again, lets not ruin the appeal with unpleasant straps, and guess what? Evie also comes in Black.

2E812A7600000578-3320542-Left_Royal_Blue_Glitter_Lace_Bodycon_Dress_34_99_Quiz_Right_-a-85_1447692892363 2123_natural_front 2E80996400000578-3320542-image-m-40_1447686853680

Dress: Tailored Shifts & Bodycons
Shapewear: Spanx High Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts
Why: Shapewear is perfect for smoothing out your silhouette and emphasing all your curves! Just what the fitted dress called for.

2E812A7A00000578-3320542-Left_Red_Sequin_Chevron_Zig_Zag_Maxi_Dress_69_99_Quiz_Right_the_-a-80_1447692816182 allegra-white-underwired-side-support-bra-9092-short-9096-f

Dress: High Necklines
Bra: Fantasie Allegra with Side Support in White
Why: High necklines can really show off your shape, so stop your breasts from looking east & west by choosing a bra with an added side support panel in the cups! Side support helps project your shape forward and will keep you looking neat and tidy.

2E91976100000578-3320542-Left_Pepperberry_Phoenix_Dress_95_Right_-a-27_1447862359805 jessica_trade_suspenders_cmykcropped

Dress: Cocktail Dress
Bra: Tutti Rouge Jessica Plunge with Tutti Booster
Why: Some dresses really do want that va-va-voom! And Jessica is the only one you need for that. Jessica comes with Tutti Booster pads in 2 different sizes, so you can tailor that oomph from day to night!

If you’re still struggling to find your perfect match, then why not pop in-store with your party dress and we’ll get you sorted! Alternatively, drop us an email at with a photo of your outfit.


Can you believe it? It’s that time of year again. The sound of sleigh bells are coming around the corner, it’s nearly time to pucker up for a kiss under the mistletoe and we’re all starting to get in a tangle trying to wrap those pretty ribbon bows around the presents! All of this can only mean one thing….party dress season has officially arrived!

Whether you’re planning on treating yourself to a shiny new outfit, or you’re dusting off your trusty favourite, there is only one secret you need to know to ensure your dress is looking its best…


Yes you read that correctly, it’s all about the underwear. Get the foundation right and everything else will fall into place. It really is that easy.


The only thing you need to know, is make sure your bra fits!

Not only will it drastically change the overall shape it’ll give you, but do you know what? It’s actually a lot more comfortable (perfect for getting a little Christmas boogie on!) and helps improve breast health.

Our top three tips to ensure you’re wearing a well fitted bra:


  • The band should be fitted nice and snug running parallel to the bottom of the cups. If the band is riding up your back, or you can pull it a good couple of inches away from your body, then the band is too big, which means losing 80% of the support of the bra. Try going down a size or 2 and see how that fits. But remember, for every band size you go down, go up 1 size in the cup! (See our post about sister sizing)


  • The Cups! What you are looking for is that the centre gore of the bra sits flat against your body and the top edge of the cup is sitting smoothly over your breasts. To check that the wires are not pressing on the edge of your breast tissue (just under your arm) simply pop your arm out to the side, pull away the side of the cups and check that the wires are sitting behind the start of your breast tissue (you may need to use a mirror to help, you ask a trusted friend of partner).
    • The most obvious sign that your cups are too small is that dreaded 4 boob look! (We’ve all been there haven’t we?) You’ll notice this if you find that your breasts spill out over the top, from the sides, or that the top edge of the bra is beginning to cut into the skin. Other signs to look out for include, the centre gore sitting away from your body, and the uncomfortable feeling of wires digging into you (no Christmas boogieing for you!)
    • Alternatively, if the cups are too big, then you will notice quite a gap between the bra and your breast, or an excess of fabric. If, like most of us, you have 1 boob slightly bigger than the other, then we always recommend fitting to the fuller side to ensure the best support.


  • The straps offer 10% each of the support in your bra, so check they are sitting correctly by popping your fingers in under the straps and lift them up off your shoulders. A well-adjusted strap should lift no more than about 2 inches. If you can stretch them up over your ears, you might want to tighten them a little.

We always recommend dropping in-store and getting professionally fitted by one of our trained fitters, but if you don’t happen to live nearby then we’ve always got our carefully crafted Bra Size Calculator on our website for you to try!

Stay tuned for part two next week, where we’ll be offering our tops tips on lingerie styles to best suit your outfits this year!


You know how important it is for you to #FreeTheSqueeze by wearing a well fitted, supportive bra and how much of a difference it can make to your well-being, confidence and posture!

Introducing your daughter to bra fittings during the early stages of breast development is a great way to instill this positive habit of a lifetime!


When should my daughter first be fitted?

There is no correct age in which your daughter should first be fitted for a bra. We are all different, and grow and develop at different rates. For some girls, this may be as young as 9 or 10, whilst others may be older. As a guide we would recommend getting her fitted as soon as there are signs of breast tissue developing.

Why does she need a bra?

It’s important to start supporting the breasts as they begin to grow and a bra helps to prevent any damage that can be caused to the breast ligaments.

What should I be looking for when choosing a first bra for my daughter?

If it’s her first bra that you’re looking for, then we would recommend trying a non-wired soft cup bra to begin with as girls can grow quickly and rapidly, and this helps to prevent any pressure being applied to the developing breast tissue from the wire. Soft cup bras are incredibly comfortable and a great way to start introducing your daughter to the feeling of wearing one.

What’s the difference between a padded and a moulded foam bra?

You may find that the style of bra your daughter wants may differ from what you would feel comfortable with her wearing. Many girls will say they prefer to wear a ‘padded’ bra because they offer modesty and hide their nipples which they may feel self-conscious about. In reality it is not a padded bra they are after, but actually a moulded foam cup bra. A moulded foam cup offers a seam free cup and a very light padded covering that is discreet and smooth under clothing, but does not provide any additional sizing or push up of the breasts that a padded bra will.

What type of bra should my daughter wear during PE?

The added weight of the breast tissue will cause the chest to bounce during exercise which can put strain on the ligaments and damage them. Wearing a sports bra during PE lessons or any physical activities and hobbies, is a great way for your daughter to support herself and also keep herself feeling comfortable! .

What if my daughter is feeling shy about having a bra fitting?

It’s perfectly normal for your daughter to feel shy or nervous about having her first bra fitting, but there is nothing or her to be embarrassed about. Assure her that we (including us bra fitters) have all been there before! It may help to put her at ease by inviting her sister, cousin or some friends and turning it into a girls trip out. She’ll be surprised how much fun it can really be!

Here’s a couple of bras that we love:

Royce Missy Petal and Plain White 2 Pack


The Missy collection by Royce have been specifically designed to be your daughters first bra! They contain no wires and have soft moulded foam cups, so not only are they practical and comfortable, but conveniently come in a pack of 2! Each pack consists of 1 pretty design like the petal bra featured above, and a plain white one suitable for her to wear under her school uniform. Available in an A-D cup and band size 30-36, and is also available in a cute cupcake design!

Lepel Athena Soft Cup


Another fantastic choice for a non-wired soft cup bra, is the Athena by Lepel. It’s discreet enough for everyday wearing and suitable to wear under anything, and the added features of a lovely lace band and small pale pink satin bow detailing give it a pretty finish.

Lepel Lyla Balconette 


Lyla is available as both a soft cup (in-store only) and as a wired t-shirt bra, so is a great transition bra when your daughter reaches the size when a little more support is needed. Lyla has seam free moulded cups to be discreet under clothing, but like Athena, features delicate lace detailing on the band.

Freya Eden Half Cup


How about something lighthearted for after school or at the weekends? The Eden half cup by Freya features a pale floral print that’s cute and fresh, whilst the half cup style is very lightly padded to help shape the cup and offer some modesty.

We have plenty more styles available in store, and a team of friendly trained fitters, so if you have any questions, would like some more information or would like to book your daughter in for fitting, then simply drop us message and get in touch!

Happy friday ladies!

You might have remembered that last month we hosted a blogger event at our shop in Bodmin? Well here is another great review of the day, this time by the fantastic Slummy Single Mummy!

Slummy Single Mummy Blog

Read all about her day with us here.

Mish Panache Blogger Event

Now, we have a special little thank you to give to Jo from SSM. Team member Stacie attended a blogger workshop back in February, run by Jo herself! It was such an inspiring morning, and Jo was so lovely, that we decided we needed to invite her and some other local South West bloggers to pop over to spend the day with us, and viola, it was the beginnings of our blogger event!

So, thank you Jo!

As you may have seen on our blog last week, we held our first blogger event at the start of this month, and we had such a great time meeting all the fab ladies that came, that we want to share with you their reviews of the day.

Last week we featured Stevie’s from A Cornish Mum.

Our next review comes from the lovely Alison from Shut The Frock Up (how great is that name?), so why not kick back and relax whilst having a little read!

photo 3 (5)

Alison is wearing Maddie Pop by Cleo by Panache. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Alison is also the designer and owner of Cornish based vintage inspired clothing label Silly Old Sea Dog. We’re loving her 1950s Style Grey Flamingo Dress:

11755286_932711700100396_8444874631036060202_n (1)

Last week on July 8th we hosted our first ever blogger event #FreeTheSqueeze to chat about all things bras and to share the benefits of a great fit! We teamed up with Panache for the event, and we would like to personally thank Zehra from Panache, for joining us for the day.



The event was held in our shop, right here in Bodmin, and 3 of our lovely, lovely customers kindly offered to modelled for us for the day. We cannot thank you enough.




We invited some fabulous South West bloggers including Jo from Slummy Single Mummy, Stevie from A Cornish Mum, Sam from Sofa Dodger, Hannah from Cupcake Mumma, Elle from Garden of Eden and last but not least, Alison from Shut The Frock Up who also owns the vintage inspired clothing line Silly Old Sea Dog! Be sure to stop by their pages to say hi.


Overall it was great day, and everyone had a good laugh, enjoyed some good food and ice cream, and left feeling confident that they were now wearing the correct sized bra. But enough from us…

Here is the first review of the event by A Cornish Mum – Enjoy reading!

Last Friday marked the end of our amazing giveaway, where one (very) lucky lady won herself a year’s supply of undies! We had an unbelievable number of entries, so thank you ever so much for taking the time to enter. We really appreciate it.


Just in case you missed the winners announcement last Saturday, we are very pleased to announce that the winner of this amazing prize was:



Katie has an amazing fashion & lifestyle blog, so if you’re looking for something good to read, check it out: Toodaloo Katie

We’ve been in touch with Katie and here’s what she had to say about being our winner:

“I am so excited to have won a year’s supply of lingerie – I can hardly believe it! I will admit that I often forget to treat myself to new and gorgeous lingerie, so my underwear drawer is in need of a revamp and this will do just the trick. I can’t wait to try everything on!”

Here at Mish, we’re firm believers in treating ourselves (perhaps a little too much, shh don’t tell any one about all the chocolates in the office!). Whatever your treat may be, just remember that you deserve it!

And don’t worry if you didn’t win this time around, we have something else special launching next week…KEEP A LOOKOUT!


We know, we know – shopping for bras can be a nightmare. It’s a minefield out there. What are all these bras? What difference do they make? And how on earth do you choose?

That’s why we welcome you to: The Bra Series

As part of our #FreeTheSqueeze campaign, we’ll be introducing you to the wonderful world of bras (and if that bra is right for your boobs). By the end of this series, you’ll know so much about bras, you’ll be calling up ITV, challenging The Governess (or old ‘Frosty Knickers’ as Bradley likes to call her) to a bra special on ‘The Chase’.

So let’s begin:

What is a Balcony Bra?

Jasmine by Panache Balcony Bra
Panache Jasmine Balcony Bra in Black & Pink Houndstooth Print

The Straps

A balcony bra (or balconette, as you may know it by) has wide-set straps that sit right on the edge of the cup. It creates a square-ish neckline that makes the balcony perfect for wearing with a variety of stylish, low-cut tops and dresses (go on, show off your décolletage).

The Cups

The trusted balcony offers just the right amount of coverage (about ¾ of the boobs), so is a fantastic option when you’re looking for that extra something, to make you feel super feminine and glamorous, but also, incredibly supported.

The cup is usually made up of 3 parts, which will mould to your breasts, and make the most out of your natural shape. The wires come up about mid-way on your chest and fully encase your boobs, to enhance your cleavage.

Susanna by Fantatsie 3 Part Cup
3 Part Cup – Fantasie Susanna in Fuchsia Balcony Bra (with side support)

Side Support

Some balconies have this amazing secret panel known as side support (it’s not really a secret, nor is it secretly hidden, but it makes it sound snazzy right?), which will project your boobs forward, and keep you looking neat and tidy. So, if you happen to have wide-set boobs, with a considerable gap in between them – or your boobs are quite full on the side – then a balcony with side support will be the perfect choice for you.

Julia by Fantasie Balcony Bra with Side Support
Fantasie Julia in Blueberry Balcony Bra with Side Support

Balcony Plunge

A sister style of the Balcony, combining all the benefits of both Balcony and Plunge – it’s the best of both worlds. The cups provide less coverage than a standard balcony, but more than a regular plunge, creating a beautiful sweetheart line to frame your chest. If you’re busty, it’s got the oomph, without compromising on the support. Rest assure, your boobs are not going anywhere.

Doodle by Freya Balcony Plunge Bra
Freya Doodle Balcony Plunge Bra

Is a Balcony right for me?

A balcony is a great all round bra, and suits almost all kinds of boobs.

They are especially good if you have boobs that are fuller at the bottom. The shape of the cup will naturally lift you up, giving you that fabulous cleavage you’ve always dreamed off.

If you find that your breasts are fuller on top, you may want to opt for balcony styles that have a top panel (quite often in lace) with a little more stretch in it. Bras with stiff or fixed fabric used on that panel, could end up cutting into that fullness, giving you the appearance of double boobs (even if the rest of the cup fits well) – I think we can both agree here, that’s a big no, no.

Just for fun

And in case you happen to be sat here wondering “Where does the name balcony comes from?” (and why wouldn’t you be, it’s an odd name for a bra after all, isn’t it?) – Well apparently, back in the day at the theatre, men would supposedly look down from their balconies, trying to catch a glimpse our lady lumps! – they couldn’t see this type of bra from above (shame on you men. Tsk tsk).

(We cannot confirm how factually accurate that is, but never-the-less, it made us chuckle).

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll be revealing the wonders of the Half Cup.

View our entire range of Balcony Bras at mish-online

Balcony Bras at Mish Online
(left) Lepel Lilly Moulded Balconette Bra – (right) Freya Eden Balcony Plunge Bra
Violet by Charnos Balcony Bra
Charnos Violet Balconette Bra

Ever wondered how cup and band sizes work together?

Well, the lovely Georgie from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has the answer! The other day she posted this on Facebook. Band:Bust Ratio

“Not all ‘D cups’ are the same size – it’s all relative.” – Georgie


As you can see, your cup size doesn’t really mean anything without your band size.

If your boobs are a 30F, then the volume of your boobs is the same as someone who is a 38C – the difference is of course, the size you need for your band. Simply saying your a ‘DD’, an ‘E’, ‘F’ ‘G’ etc. is like saying you have wide or narrow feet, it doesn’t say much about your size (although films would like to make you think differently!).

Next time you go bra shopping, remember that the band size is just as important as the cup. If you find the band starts to ride up your back – you can test this by rolling your shoulders, doing a little dance and just jiggling about to mimic everyday movement – then try switching to a smaller band size, and increasing the cup size instead.

P.S You definitely want to add Fuller Figure Fuller Bust to your daily reading list! 🙂


Fancy winning a year’s supply of Freya, Fantasie & Elomi lingerie? Why wouldn’t you?! Enter Here #FreeTheSqueeze Giveaway


Happy belated 2015! – It’s been a great start to the year so far, and it’s about to get even better with the launch of our new campaign, #FreeTheSqueeze

But first…Let me ask you this: Would you put your feet in shoes 2 sizes too small? No? That would be silly right?! So why do it to your boobs?

Think about how uncomfortable it is when you’ve squished your feet into a pair of shoes, that don’t fit (no matter how gorgeous they are!). It hurts. Prohibits your movement. It might even cause you physical damage!

Well…The same applies to your boobs.

#FreeTheSqueeze was born, because I value empowering the women I meet every day. I want you to know, that bras don’t need to be uncomfortable. It is possible for a bra to be pretty, fashionable, comfortable and supportive all at the same time, we really can have it all!

#FreeTheSqueeze is about spreading that positive message, so you, and your boobs can enjoy the realisation that a better more comfortable fit, might not actually be that hard to find!


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing my top tips for finding that perfectly fitting bra (and how to spot a badly fitting one!) right here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter – If you want to keep up to date, you know what to do!

And to celebrate the launch of #FreeTheSqueeze, we’re offering 1 very lucky lady the chance to win a year’s supply of Freya, Fantasie and Elomi lingerie – I know, you love us 😉

To be in with a chance, head on over to our Facebook page: Mish Online


Giveaway ends 13th March. Winner will be selected at random. Full terms and conditions apply.