From that initial whirl of excitement of the big proposal, to choosing a venue, wrangling guest lists, finding THE dress and picking perfect flowers… planning a wedding has so many things to think about it can make your head spin. 

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The big day draws ever nearer and you eagerly check the weather 80 times a day to see if you’ll get the sunshiny day you always dreamed about. And then BAM. You realise that you haven’t even thought about bridal underwear yet! What on earth will you wear under your wedding dress, what lingerie will you choose for your wedding night, and what about underwear and swimwear for your honeymoon?! Gah!

Here at Mish we find that brides sometimes come to us in a bit of a panic as bridal underwear is usually one of the last things they think about. Really you think it would be one of the first because good bridal underwear provides the foundation to your look. It’s also a very good idea to take your bridal underwear with you for dress fittings so you can see how it all works together. It’s vital that you have a well-fitted bra for your wedding day to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

Great quality (properly fitting) bridal lingerie can accentuate your best bits and really make you feel fabulous on your big day. Get it wrong and you can feel pinched, squeezed and thoroughly uncomfortable on what is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your life. You’re not supposed to feel like that, you should do nothing but shine!

Enjoy our ultimate guide to all you need to know about good quality bridal underwear in Cornwall. It could just be the difference you were looking for…  

Bridal Underwear- The Perfect Foundations

The lingerie you choose for your wedding day is every bit as important as the dress itself. Especially if you have a bigger bust, the type of bridal bra you’re hoping to wear might even dictate the style of wedding dress you choose.

From strapless to backless, illusion necklines, bodices and everything in between… many types of wedding dresses often require specialist wedding underwear to ensure that you are supported correctly and feel incredible.

As soon as you have chosen your dress, a bridal lingerie specialist should be your next stop because we can put paid to any myths and fears you might have. We can perhaps even surprise you with the realisation that beautiful and comfortable bridal lingerie for bigger busts is in fact possible! (Our lovely Georgie Horne at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust explored bridal lingerie when she was planning her own wedding so take a look over on her blog too). 

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What Colour Lingerie Should I Wear Under My Wedding Dress?

The colour of your bridal lingerie is a big decision to make, and a choice should make first before you look at any styles or fits. Do you go classic white or ivory to match your dress? Or do you choose a nude/skin-coloured bra to tone in discreetly? Perhaps you have chosen a sheer wedding dress and want to have a funky flash of colour poking out from underneath?

Whatever colour bridal lingerie you choose, also consider lighting and photography on the day and how it can sometimes make sheer fabrics even more so! Keep the colour of your bridal bra in mind because you’ll probably also want pants to match and the fabric of your dress’ skirt will determine what colour lingerie set works best.    

It’s a really good idea to take your bridal pants and bra to your dress fittings with you so that you can try it all on together, walk about, jump about and throw your hands up in the air to check that everything stays where it should. You might look crazy in the shop, but better that than have a catastrophe on the day. Top tip– Once you’ve got it all on, try to stand in the window to check for comfort, lines and visibility in daylight!

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Which is the Best Style of Bra to Wear Under a Wedding Dress?

This question is very personal and will depend on a number of factors. Your shape, your bust size, your dress style, and of course personal taste are all things to consider when choosing the best bra for you. 

*Strapless Bra for Under Wedding Dress

If you have a strapless wedding dress then you will probably consider choosing a strapless bra such as this strapless nude bra from Panache. It has a three-section padded cup which gives support and great uplift, and also comes with removable straps which can be worn straight or crossed over the back to give added versatility. It’s so comfortable you’ll wear it long after your wedding day! We also stock ‘Bye Bra’ breast lift tape and silk nipple covers which are a revelation and so much better than tit tape alone. The adhesive breast lifts the breasts from the top which makes it the perfect solution for strapless, backless, V-necked or plunged-necked dresses (or even under your bikini for that extra oomph).

bye bra strapless

*Illusion Wedding Dress Underwear

If your wedding dress is illusion-style with a sheer layer across the decolletage/shoulders then you’ll want to consider a strapless bra so that you can’t see the straps. This moulded strapless bra from Wacoal is buttery soft and so comfortable that it will be effortless to wear under your illusion wedding dress. The lace detail gives it a gorgeously playful air which makes for a beautiful option for wedding underwear. 

strapless wedding lingerie cornwall

*Plunge Neckline

If your wedding dress has a deep V then you’ll want to make sure that the bridal underwear you choose is suitably low so as to complement the style of the dress. It all depends on how deep the ‘V’ is, but something like the Everly plunge bra in rosewater by Cleo (Panache) is a popular option for brides, especially due to the all-over lace and lurex yarn which add a subtle sparkle for extra glamour. One of our most popular bridal bras is the Wacoal Embrace lace plunge in pretty floral lace which also has the option of crossover straps for versatility. 

plunge bra for wedding day

*Queen Anne Neckline

This flattering neckline will open up the options for you when selecting which kind of bridal lingerie to choose. The Queen Anne-style dress has lots of coverage of the shoulders and bustline, so full cup bras, balconettes and indeed any type of amazingly supportive bra with straps will be fine as the Queen Anne neckline is very forgiving.  

Bridal Knickers and Underwear for Your Wedding Day

For many, comfort is paramount when choosing the perfect pants to wear under your wedding dress. This may mean a sheer thong for some, or big supportive shapewear for others.

The style and length of your dress sometimes makes the decision for you; if you’re wearing a fuller skirt from waist to hemline, such as a ball gown, A-line, flowy sheath or a tea-length dress then you can wear any underwear you wish (even those with ‘Mrs’ etched on the back in crystals, if that’s your thang).

If your dress is more sheer and floaty then it might be wise to select a more invisible knicker to ensure that your pant line isn’t visible under the fabric. luxury bridal underwear cornwall

*Size Matters

Don’t be precious about it… it’s sometimes a good idea to go a size up to ensure that you don’t see a bulge underneath your dress (no-one is looking at the size label). But also be careful not to go too big- you don’t want your undercrackers falling down around your knees as you walk down the aisle! Trying on your bridal pants for size is often a very good idea as you don’t want any unwelcome surprises on the day itself. 

*Shapewear for Under Wedding Dress 

If you’re looking for a bit of gentle support and structure for under your wedding dress then this Spanx lace bodysuit in vintage rose ticks all the boxes. Romantic, flirty and feminine, this bodysuit offers the lightest, softest shaping possible and will make you feel incredible. For something a bit more shaping, the Wacoal sexy shaping high waisted long leg shaper enhances and flatters your body’s natural curves and has been expertly crafted from a brand new ultra light fabric. You’ll feel absolutely incredible and be comfortable all day long, unlike some other shapewear which can squeeze you into miserable breathlessness! We have a beautiful selection of bridal shapewear for all shapes and sizes so pop in and ask to see our range. 

bridal underwear bodies

*Invisible Pants

If you have a slinky or Grecian-style wedding dress which accentuates all those glorious curves on its way down, you may want to consider an invisible pair of pants so that you avoid that dreaded VPL. These Bye Bra adhesive thongs are reusable, invisible and utterly magic! They make you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all, but give you that little bit of reassurance you may need which you don’t get from going commando. Made from a soft and ultra-comfortable material, these invisible thongs are really popular and create a natural VPL-free appearance. 

Wedding Night Lingerie

So you’ve chosen the perfect bridal lingerie to wear under your wedding dress, what about the lingerie for your wedding night?!

Some brides decide that their wedding day lingerie is beautiful enough and worthy of that special wedding night moment, but lots of you don’t want to be stripping off in front of their new husbands/wives to reveal Spanx and would rather something a little more slinky instead.

Remember too that your wedding day can be stressful and busy – a quick change of lingerie before bed can make sure you don’t have a sweaty and tired-looking bra on your wedding night! You only have one wedding night, so make it count.

wedding night lingerie cornwall

  • Suspenders Suspenders can look incredibly sexy and make you feel a million dollars. Having a special ‘wedding night lingerie’ set is a really nice treat for you both and can make you smile all day knowing what there is to look forward to later!    
  • Bodies Bodies can be incredibly sexy and comfortable too! Gossard’s super soft lace body is effortlessly luxurious and the lace detailing makes it perfect for your wedding night. You’ll wear this time and time again. This Triumph body in spotlight red is fun and flirty with beautifully delicate details making it a great option for your wedding night. We particularly like the star-like pattern on the back!
  • Lingerie Sets If you have bigger boobs then hopefully you’ll already be aware of our beautiful lingerie for ladies with bigger busts. Have a look at our latest collection to see what might tickle your fancy… remember that it’s not just for your wedding night, our lingerie is SO comfortable and beautiful that you can wear it day in day out. Brands include Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Elomi, Empreinte and Gossard. Whether you are looking for an on-trend Freya balcony bra or a super stylist padded plunge bra by Gossard, we’ve got it covered. Every bra has matching briefs, shorts and thongs available so be sure to treat yourself to the set.

So all that is left to do now is book your bridal lingerie fitting in Cornwall!

Brides-to-be are warmly welcomed here at our gorgeous lingerie boutique in Wadebridge for a bridal lingerie fitting experience. Simply call 01208 816 446 and we’ll make an appointment for you to come along (with bridesmaids/mum too if you like, but on your own is fine too) and get fitted by one of our lingerie specialists.

If you have a picture of the dress bring it along to your lingerie fitting so we can see the exact style and shape to help you find your perfect wedding day underwear. We can’t wait to meet you and help you feel truly incredible on your wedding day!

Big love,

Mish xx