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‘Menopause’ is a word that tends to be whispered by hot-flushing, agitated, sleepless women of a certain age. A word which perhaps means little to those who haven’t experienced it first-hand. Menopause is seldom spoken about, which seems ridiculous seeing as half of the population will go through it at some point in their lives. Very little seems to be known about the symptoms associated with this stage of life, so let’s address that first!

What is the Menopause?

Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 when oestrogen levels start to decline and periods stop. The end of a lifetime of monthly bleeding might raise a cheer in many, but for others the symptoms of menopause can be painful, uncomfortable and impacts negatively upon daily life. 

The menopause is sometimes referred to as ‘second puberty’ which seems apt as it is the body’s way of adjusting hormones in the body. Like puberty, symptoms can vary wildly from one person to another and is a time of intense change that goes on for years. It’s hard to get comfortable in (what feels like) a whole new body, and lots of menopausal women struggle with their changing body.

Menopausal symptoms can begin months or even years before your periods stop and last around 4 years after your last period, although some women experience them for much longer. Common menopause symptoms can include:  

  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low mood/anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of libido
  • Memory/concentration problems
  • A change in breast size

Do Boobs Change Size During the Menopause?

As with most things body-related, boob fluctuation during menopause can vary from woman to woman. Research shows that 20% of women find that their breasts get bigger during menopause. Just like when you were twelve and going through puberty, your breasts might feel painful for a while with extra nipple sensitivity and tenderness. We all have one boob that is larger than the other (yes really), and with menopausal breast fluctuations you might find that the difference becomes more obvious. 

We find lots of women who come in for a professional bra fitting are often a size larger size than just a year before. This is a phenomenon that, according to scientific research by the International Health Foundation in the Netherlands, can affect almost a fifth of women.  A survey of 1,130 postmenopausal women reported that 18.6% of the women had to buy a larger bra size and concluded that “the most important factor associated with such an increase in breast size after menopause was weight gain”.

Along with size changes, your breast tissue will probably become a little softer (which is the reason for that tenderness), so the bra you always felt comfortable in before might suddenly become annoying and cause irritation.  

Bras for Menopausal Women

When you go through the menopause, one thing you’ll want to find is clothing that is comfortable and cool to help with the hot flushes and possible weight gain. And that includes your underwear. 

You may find that you now overheat in padded bras whereas before they were your ‘go to’ bra of choice. You may find that seams, wires or lace cause irritation, whereas before that was all you wore. Yes, menopause lingerie can be that tricky to get right. 

With night flushes and hot sweats to look forward to (!), your nightwear and loungewear also has to be fit for the job of keeping you comfortable. Ensure that pyjamas and nighties are made of lightweight natural cottons or luxurious silk – you don’t want to be sweating away under the restrictive constraints of tight polyester and ill-fitting nylon at this time of your life. 

And it’s not just the comfort factor- the fit is crucial to get right too. If your breast tissue becomes softer than it once was, you’ll need to make sure that your bra fits correctly so that you don’t cause damage. If your boobs are increasing in size during the menopause then perhaps this is the first time in your life you’ve had cleavage. It’s likely that where you perhaps once went bra-less,  doing so now causes back ache or discomfort. 

Everybody (and every body!) is different, but we find that many menopausal women tend to go for wireless bras which are buttery soft and seam free. Soft, lightweight yet supportive fabrics can be a game changer.   Something seamless like the Sugar Candy seamless fuller bust bra is a popular option for our ladies of a menopausal age, likewise the Royce non-wired soft cup bra

Bras for Comfort (and Style)

So many changes are going on in the body, it’s crucial that you work with a fully-trained professional bra  fitter to ensure that you get the right bra for YOU. 

Menopause, like puberty, takes away some of your control over your body. It’s suddenly doing all kinds of stuff without your permission or input, and that can be both emotionally intense and disempowering. But you know what you do have control over? How you dress your body. So do it with things that bring you joy and make you feel like you.

Cornwall’s Specialist Bra Fitters

When you’re measured for a bra you won’t need a tape measure – using a tape measure to measure boobs is like using one to measure a jug of water. Boobs are 3 dimensional and a tape measure is 2 dimensional- it just doesn’t work! A good bra fitting specialist (just like a good tailor) will be able to fit you by eye. All bras fit differently and a good bra fitter should be able to fit each bra to each person.

As with shoes, bra sizes differ from brand to brand so your professional bra fitting specialist here at Mish is your best friend when it comes to navigating the sometimes confusing world of bras. We are boob aficionados and those who have been properly fitted for a bra by one of our specialists tell us they feel empowered, beautiful and supported. Specialising in supportive yet attractive underwear for women at all stages of life, we have a beautiful selection of lingerie both in-store and online.

If you are shielding or would just rather be fitted from the comfort of your own home we also carry out virtual bra fittings so get in touch and let us help you find comfort and beautiful lingerie. Because you deserve it!

Going Bra-less During Lock Down

We’re all experiencing a brave new world right now. Being confined to our homes is a new (very bizarre) reality, to which we are all trying hard to adjust. As we have office meetings from our lounge, follow online fitness videos in our pyjamas and try not to go stir crazy homeschooling the kids, we are all trying to breath deeply and remember that this lock down (hopefully) won’t last forever. 

Perhaps one of the nicest things about being under lock down is the chance to relax into ourselves. Being able to slacken our usual hair care/make-up/pampering routine is saving us time and energy and, unless having Zoom meetings with clients to impress, we quite like the chance to loosen our regimes by going ‘au naturel’! Staying in our leisurewear/PJs until way past lunchtime is undoubtedly a luxury we’ll perhaps miss when this all ends.

Many women are also lauding the joy of going braless. The temptation is there; whilst we’re not seeing anyone, why should we wear a bra? Staying at home means comfort, and not wearing a bra is the ultimate in comfort right? Well, let’s take a look at that…

Is Going Bra-less More Comfortable?

Not wearing a bra might indeed mean that some of you are more comfortable, but that is most probably because you’re not wearing the right size bra!

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you are feeling more comfortable going braless during lock down, it’s very likely that your bra is incorrectly-fitted and the wrong shape for your body.

Of course we understand that it feels amazing to derobe and put on your PJs at the end of a busy day, but this shouldn’t be because your bra is so uncomfortable that you can’t wait to throw it off. Bras shouldn’t be uncomfortable – they just shouldn’t!

If you are wearing a beautifully-made, correctly-fitted bra then it should be soft-as-butter with no digging, no cutting-in and certainly no back or shoulder pain. Your bra should be comfortable as a minimum requirement, but in truthfully you shouldn’t be able to feel that you’re wearing one at all. 

not wearing the right bra size

The Problems With Going Bra-less 

Whilst tempting, going bra-less whilst under lock down could potentially have a detrimental effect upon your breasts. If you’ve been wearing bras for your whole adult life, your boobs will be used to being supported and going without this support has the risk of causing long-term damage.

The Cooper’s Ligament is the name of the connective tissue in the breast that helps to maintain its structural integrity. Not wearing a bra could damage this ligament leading to the breasts sagging and causing tissue damage. Just like damaging ligaments in the knee or other parts of the body due to sporting injury, damaging the ligaments in the breast tissue can be very painful and if torn, can be irreparable.

Going bra-less can also lead to back pain as your back and neck picks up the strain, especially for women with larger and heavier breasts. This in turn can affect posture and alter the shape of your breasts.  

Your bra has a very important role, and that is to protect and bear the weight of your bust. With a properly-fitted bra, everything is held in the right place and you get the right amount of support to the breast and shoulder, supporting the whole body correctly. Wearing a well-fitted bra should feel like you are not wearing a bra at all! 

Image of Sloggi Zero Feel Top in Navy

Comfortable Wireless Bras 

We’ve put together a gorgeous collection of comfortable wireless bras which can hopefully provide the perfect stop gap between going bra-less and protecting your breast tissue during lock down.  Take a look and hopefully you’ll find a new, more comfortably supported you… 

Sugar Candy Seamless Bra (Pink)

Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless bra in pink is a luxury seamless bra for fuller busted ladies. They are designed to provide women with unrestricted comfort and support and seriously, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it. Engineered via a revolutionary seamless technology and carefully placed strength and support panels, provide for the shape and its moulded cups enable projection for full busted women.

sugar candy bra in pink

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra (Ivory) 

Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra in Ivory is one of our best-selling soft cup bras. It is a great choice for fuller cups offering firm support and excellent comfort. It combines a soft lace upper cup with dotty satin lower cups for a truly luxurious feel. The four-piece cup creates a great natural shape making it the perfect choice for everyday comfort.

Image of Royce Champagne Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra in Ivory

Wacoal Net Effects Bralette  (Rose Dust) 

Wacoal Net Effects is a contemporary addition to this easy wearing lace collection.  It offers the perfect combination of both comfort and style whilst showcasing a beautiful floral embroidery for an elegant finish. We absolutely love this supportive bralette and the comfort you experience when wearing it is second-to-none.

Image of Wacoal Net Effects Bralette in Rose Dust

Triumph Doreen X Soft Cup Bra  (Nude) 

The Triumph Doreen X is one of the best selling bras in the market, for over 40 years. The soft non-wired cups allow ultimate comfort to its wearer. The delicate lace adds a touch of elegance while also still making sure its soft against the skin. The Doreen X has great support and is brilliant every day bra.

Image of Triumph Doreen X Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra In Nude

Along with these, we have a whole collection of both wired and non-wired bras which are as beautifully comfortable as the skin you’re in… take a look here

Virtual Bra Fittings 

Knowing when it’s time to get a new correctly-fitted bra is the first crucial step to becoming empowered and finding a new (more comfortable) you. Breasts can change size because of so many factors… pregnancy, weight change, diet, a change in medication, change in exercise routine… even if the scales aren’t changing, what you’re eating can sometimes make breasts change size/shape, so getting properly fitted regularly is vital. 

Comfort is your right, not a privilege! Finding a correctly-fitting bra can be a minefield, and if you’ve never had a bra fitting or it’s a long time since you’ve had one, then it’s likely that a new bra can give you a new lease of life as you “free the squeeze”! Get in touch with us to hear about our virtual bra fitting service we are launching soon. There’s no need to go bra-less at all! 

Research suggests that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. You wouldn’t hobble around in uncomfortable ill-fitting shoes, so why do it with your bra?

mish poynterMy mission for the last decade has been to empower women by fitting and providing correctly-fitted bra s for ladies with larger boobs. My brand Mish fills a void in the marketplace by bringing supportive, yet attractive lingerie to ladies all shapes and sizes.

 I speak at events, act as an advisor, mentor start-up businesses and run workshops to help women to find their correct bra size and to realise the importance of wearing well-fitted bras. My team are boob aficionados, masters of their game, proud bastions of the bra industry… what we don’t know about fitting bras isn’t worth knowing.

And This is Why…

Women with larger boobs (size DD+) have heavier boobs, so they have more problems if wearing an incorrectly fitted bra than women with smaller boobs. Wearing a correctly fitted bra not only makes women look and feel more in control, but it can correct posture and end back pain. Yes really.

A good bra makes a massive difference to how clothes hang, and can have a hugely positive impact on bad backs and sloping shoulders. It can quite literally, change your life.

Understanding Bra Sizes

To put bra sizes in perspective; there are 7 different shoe sizes that women can be (and most women are only 4 or 5 of these sizes), but there are up to 100 bra sizes!

Increments are very small and there is lots of variation and the way different bras fit; sizing is as vast and individual as you and your boobs. There is no standardised bra fitting chart so you could be a 32DD in one bra but 34D in another.

To dispel a bra sizing myth – double letters aren’t half sizes! In the UK we have double letter sizing but German-made bras for instance don’t have double letters and will go straight from a D to an E. Double letters are full sizes which just go up in smaller increments.

the importance of a good fitting bra

How to Spot When Your Bra Doesn’t Fit

Rather than trying to fit a bra yourself (leave that to the bra fitting experts!) I would advise that being able to identify when your bra doesn’t fit is the first important step. Breasts can change size because of so many factors… pregnancy, weight change, diet, change in medication, change in exercise routine… even if the scales aren’t changing, what you’re eating can sometimes make breasts change size/shape, so getting properly fitted regularly is vital. Knowing when it’s time to get a new correctly-fitted bra is the first crucial step to becoming empowered and finding a new (more comfortable) you.

A Correctly-Fitted Bra is Important

When you’re measured for a bra you won’t need a tape measure – using a tape measure to measure boobs is like using one to measure a jug of water. Boobs are 3 dimensional and a tape measure is 2 dimensional- it just doesn’t work!

A good bra fitting specialist (just like a good tailor) will be able to fit you by eye. All bras fit differently and a good bra fitter should be able to fit each bra to each person. Here at Mish we look at:

The Band:

A good-fitting brand should be parallel all the way around and be in line with clips at the back. 80% of the work is done by the band so it needs to be right!


Not all bras are underwired, but those that are need to have the wire sitting outside the breast tissue in the centre against the rib cage nice and flush against the skin. Sometimes it won’t because of the shape of breast or sternum- each person is different.


Crucially, the breast tissue should be sitting inside the cup and not be cutting it in half to create that ‘four boob’ effect!

Shoulder Straps:

The tension of the shoulder straps on a correctly-fitted bra is crucial. It should have enough ‘give’ and be able to pull up an inch, but not around your ears! Ideally if you drop your shoulder and try to wriggle the bra strap off it shouldn’t come off. If it is then it’s too loose (or it could be that the band is too big). Straps shouldn’t be so tight that they are digging in and are not there to lift your boobs; that is what the bra band (or bra style) does.

How to Know When You Need a Bra Fitting

If your boobs are slipping down under the bottom of the bra, if the top of the bra cup is baggy or tight, or if the side wires are sitting on breast tissue then it probably means that the bra size or style isn’t right for you and you need a professional bra fitting. If you find yourself with bad posture or sore shoulders then try going for a bra fitting and see how miraculous a correctly-fitted bra can be to your health and well being!

If you go for bra fitting allow yourself enough time so it’s a nice experience and you can ask lots of questions and choose the ideal size and shape for your body.

Pop in for a free consultation and fitting with one of our expert bra specialists to find yourself a beautiful correctly-fitted bra. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Mish x

From that initial whirl of excitement of the big proposal, to choosing a venue, wrangling guest lists, finding THE dress and picking perfect flowers… planning a wedding has so many things to think about it can make your head spin. 

bride panic

The big day draws ever nearer and you eagerly check the weather 80 times a day to see if you’ll get the sunshiny day you always dreamed about. And then BAM. You realise that you haven’t even thought about bridal underwear yet! What on earth will you wear under your wedding dress, what lingerie will you choose for your wedding night, and what about underwear and swimwear for your honeymoon?! Gah!

Here at Mish we find that brides sometimes come to us in a bit of a panic as bridal underwear is usually one of the last things they think about. Really you think it would be one of the first because good bridal underwear provides the foundation to your look. It’s also a very good idea to take your bridal underwear with you for dress fittings so you can see how it all works together. It’s vital that you have a well-fitted bra for your wedding day to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

Great quality (properly fitting) bridal lingerie can accentuate your best bits and really make you feel fabulous on your big day. Get it wrong and you can feel pinched, squeezed and thoroughly uncomfortable on what is supposed to be one of the greatest days of your life. You’re not supposed to feel like that, you should do nothing but shine!

Enjoy our ultimate guide to all you need to know about good quality bridal underwear in Cornwall. It could just be the difference you were looking for…  

Bridal Underwear- The Perfect Foundations

The lingerie you choose for your wedding day is every bit as important as the dress itself. Especially if you have a bigger bust, the type of bridal bra you’re hoping to wear might even dictate the style of wedding dress you choose.

From strapless to backless, illusion necklines, bodices and everything in between… many types of wedding dresses often require specialist wedding underwear to ensure that you are supported correctly and feel incredible.

As soon as you have chosen your dress, a bridal lingerie specialist should be your next stop because we can put paid to any myths and fears you might have. We can perhaps even surprise you with the realisation that beautiful and comfortable bridal lingerie for bigger busts is in fact possible! (Our lovely Georgie Horne at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust explored bridal lingerie when she was planning her own wedding so take a look over on her blog too). 

wedding lingerie in cornwall

What Colour Lingerie Should I Wear Under My Wedding Dress?

The colour of your bridal lingerie is a big decision to make, and a choice should make first before you look at any styles or fits. Do you go classic white or ivory to match your dress? Or do you choose a nude/skin-coloured bra to tone in discreetly? Perhaps you have chosen a sheer wedding dress and want to have a funky flash of colour poking out from underneath?

Whatever colour bridal lingerie you choose, also consider lighting and photography on the day and how it can sometimes make sheer fabrics even more so! Keep the colour of your bridal bra in mind because you’ll probably also want pants to match and the fabric of your dress’ skirt will determine what colour lingerie set works best.    

It’s a really good idea to take your bridal pants and bra to your dress fittings with you so that you can try it all on together, walk about, jump about and throw your hands up in the air to check that everything stays where it should. You might look crazy in the shop, but better that than have a catastrophe on the day. Top tip– Once you’ve got it all on, try to stand in the window to check for comfort, lines and visibility in daylight!

wedding lingerie in cornwall back dress

Which is the Best Style of Bra to Wear Under a Wedding Dress?

This question is very personal and will depend on a number of factors. Your shape, your bust size, your dress style, and of course personal taste are all things to consider when choosing the best bra for you. 

*Strapless Bra for Under Wedding Dress

If you have a strapless wedding dress then you will probably consider choosing a strapless bra such as this strapless nude bra from Panache. It has a three-section padded cup which gives support and great uplift, and also comes with removable straps which can be worn straight or crossed over the back to give added versatility. It’s so comfortable you’ll wear it long after your wedding day! We also stock ‘Bye Bra’ breast lift tape and silk nipple covers which are a revelation and so much better than tit tape alone. The adhesive breast lifts the breasts from the top which makes it the perfect solution for strapless, backless, V-necked or plunged-necked dresses (or even under your bikini for that extra oomph).

bye bra strapless

*Illusion Wedding Dress Underwear

If your wedding dress is illusion-style with a sheer layer across the decolletage/shoulders then you’ll want to consider a strapless bra so that you can’t see the straps. This moulded strapless bra from Wacoal is buttery soft and so comfortable that it will be effortless to wear under your illusion wedding dress. The lace detail gives it a gorgeously playful air which makes for a beautiful option for wedding underwear. 

strapless wedding lingerie cornwall

*Plunge Neckline

If your wedding dress has a deep V then you’ll want to make sure that the bridal underwear you choose is suitably low so as to complement the style of the dress. It all depends on how deep the ‘V’ is, but something like the Everly plunge bra in rosewater by Cleo (Panache) is a popular option for brides, especially due to the all-over lace and lurex yarn which add a subtle sparkle for extra glamour. One of our most popular bridal bras is the Wacoal Embrace lace plunge in pretty floral lace which also has the option of crossover straps for versatility. 

plunge bra for wedding day

*Queen Anne Neckline

This flattering neckline will open up the options for you when selecting which kind of bridal lingerie to choose. The Queen Anne-style dress has lots of coverage of the shoulders and bustline, so full cup bras, balconettes and indeed any type of amazingly supportive bra with straps will be fine as the Queen Anne neckline is very forgiving.  

Bridal Knickers and Underwear for Your Wedding Day

For many, comfort is paramount when choosing the perfect pants to wear under your wedding dress. This may mean a sheer thong for some, or big supportive shapewear for others.

The style and length of your dress sometimes makes the decision for you; if you’re wearing a fuller skirt from waist to hemline, such as a ball gown, A-line, flowy sheath or a tea-length dress then you can wear any underwear you wish (even those with ‘Mrs’ etched on the back in crystals, if that’s your thang).

If your dress is more sheer and floaty then it might be wise to select a more invisible knicker to ensure that your pant line isn’t visible under the fabric. luxury bridal underwear cornwall

*Size Matters

Don’t be precious about it… it’s sometimes a good idea to go a size up to ensure that you don’t see a bulge underneath your dress (no-one is looking at the size label). But also be careful not to go too big- you don’t want your undercrackers falling down around your knees as you walk down the aisle! Trying on your bridal pants for size is often a very good idea as you don’t want any unwelcome surprises on the day itself. 

*Shapewear for Under Wedding Dress 

If you’re looking for a bit of gentle support and structure for under your wedding dress then this Spanx lace bodysuit in vintage rose ticks all the boxes. Romantic, flirty and feminine, this bodysuit offers the lightest, softest shaping possible and will make you feel incredible. For something a bit more shaping, the Wacoal sexy shaping high waisted long leg shaper enhances and flatters your body’s natural curves and has been expertly crafted from a brand new ultra light fabric. You’ll feel absolutely incredible and be comfortable all day long, unlike some other shapewear which can squeeze you into miserable breathlessness! We have a beautiful selection of bridal shapewear for all shapes and sizes so pop in and ask to see our range. 

bridal underwear bodies

*Invisible Pants

If you have a slinky or Grecian-style wedding dress which accentuates all those glorious curves on its way down, you may want to consider an invisible pair of pants so that you avoid that dreaded VPL. These Bye Bra adhesive thongs are reusable, invisible and utterly magic! They make you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all, but give you that little bit of reassurance you may need which you don’t get from going commando. Made from a soft and ultra-comfortable material, these invisible thongs are really popular and create a natural VPL-free appearance. 

Wedding Night Lingerie

So you’ve chosen the perfect bridal lingerie to wear under your wedding dress, what about the lingerie for your wedding night?!

Some brides decide that their wedding day lingerie is beautiful enough and worthy of that special wedding night moment, but lots of you don’t want to be stripping off in front of their new husbands/wives to reveal Spanx and would rather something a little more slinky instead.

Remember too that your wedding day can be stressful and busy – a quick change of lingerie before bed can make sure you don’t have a sweaty and tired-looking bra on your wedding night! You only have one wedding night, so make it count.

wedding night lingerie cornwall

  • Suspenders Suspenders can look incredibly sexy and make you feel a million dollars. Having a special ‘wedding night lingerie’ set is a really nice treat for you both and can make you smile all day knowing what there is to look forward to later!    
  • Bodies Bodies can be incredibly sexy and comfortable too! Gossard’s super soft lace body is effortlessly luxurious and the lace detailing makes it perfect for your wedding night. You’ll wear this time and time again. This Triumph body in spotlight red is fun and flirty with beautifully delicate details making it a great option for your wedding night. We particularly like the star-like pattern on the back!
  • Lingerie Sets If you have bigger boobs then hopefully you’ll already be aware of our beautiful lingerie for ladies with bigger busts. Have a look at our latest collection to see what might tickle your fancy… remember that it’s not just for your wedding night, our lingerie is SO comfortable and beautiful that you can wear it day in day out. Brands include Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Elomi, Empreinte and Gossard. Whether you are looking for an on-trend Freya balcony bra or a super stylist padded plunge bra by Gossard, we’ve got it covered. Every bra has matching briefs, shorts and thongs available so be sure to treat yourself to the set.

So all that is left to do now is book your bridal lingerie fitting in Cornwall!

Brides-to-be are warmly welcomed here at our gorgeous lingerie boutique in Wadebridge for a bridal lingerie fitting experience. Simply call 01208 816 446 and we’ll make an appointment for you to come along (with bridesmaids/mum too if you like, but on your own is fine too) and get fitted by one of our lingerie specialists.

If you have a picture of the dress bring it along to your lingerie fitting so we can see the exact style and shape to help you find your perfect wedding day underwear. We can’t wait to meet you and help you feel truly incredible on your wedding day!

Big love,

Mish xx

If you’re in a couple that celebrates Valentine’s Day then you’ll know that 14th February is just around the corner. In the UK, lingerie is probably one of the most popular Valentine’s presents and thousands of racy underwear sets are sold every February to hopeful individuals praying that they’ve got it right this year!

Wearing beautiful lingerie is empowering and can make you feel incredible. The lucky recipient will likely be tickled pink that you’ve given her such a thoughtful and lusted-after gift, and you’ll no doubt be in the good books for weeks. However skimpy barely-there panties and pornstar-worthy bras aren’t on our Valentine’s wish list this year, and here’s why…

It’s just not comfortable. There, we said it.

It’s hard to put into words just how torturous badly fitting underwear can be. Imagine wearing a bra that is slowly constricting your ribcage, or wearing skimpy knickers that rub you in places where they really shouldn’t. The last thing you’ll feel like doing is getting jiggy because, well, the chafing, drooping, squeezing and wedgies you’ll experience at the hands of terribly-fitted lingerie means you won’t be even close to feeling your best! 

Giving well-fitted lingerie as a Valentine’s present is a beautiful thing. Believe us; being presented with a lovingly wrapped set of stunning lingerie IN THE CORRECT SIZE is nothing short of incredible and will make us do a little happy dance.  

But as we know, sizing can be a complete nightmare. Women often end up buying the wrong sizes for themselves, and they’re the ones with the breasts! So expecting someone to use guess work or good judgement (or, in some very worrying cases, a show of hands to the shop assistant) is madness. 

That’s where we’re here to help! If you’re considering buying your significant other beautiful lingerie for Valentine’s Day this year then read on. Our helpful guide to buying lingerie as a V-Day gift will give you all the information you need to get it right this year!

How to Choose Underwear for Your Partner


As mentioned above, many women don’t even know what size bras they should be wearing themselves,  so what hope does someone else have of getting it right! If your lady has already been fitted by us and knows the correct size, then peek into her underwear drawer and read the label from her most-worn/favourite bra, and come into the shop armed with the size so we can help you. If you can get the brand/make of that bra too that would be really helpful! We stock cup sizes B-JJ and band sizes 28-44, so we’re sure to have what you need

If you’re not sure that she’s been fitted in a while, then we strongly recommend arranging for her to get correctly fitted here in our lingerie boutique in Wadebridge. Our Luxury Fitting Experience package is an incredibly popular gift for Valentine’s Day and one which your woman will adore. Trust us. For just £50, the lucky lady in your life will be able to come in for a bra consultation with a lingerie specialist, get properly fitted and matched with the perfect underwear for her body shape, all whilst enjoying a glass of Prosecco. She will get £50 worth of lingerie and a goodie bag to take home too! Alternatively, if you’d rather buy her a gift voucher so she can come into the shop and pick something out herself then we do them in any increment you like from £10-200 (and above!)


Look at what she already has. If there isn’t a single thong in her underwear drawer, she doesn’t wear thongs. That will be because she doesn’t like them, not because she has always wanted one! Ditto anything crotchless. Scratchy fake red lace also. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with buying her something you want to see on her, you will get a lot more brownie points if she loves it and feels comfortable in it, too. 

The female figure is a work of art that deserves to be honoured with only the most flattering undergarments. There are so many different types of knickers and briefs out there and each woman has her favourite style so it’s important for you to take note of what she wears. Does she like hipster briefs or does she like a little more coverage? Are her bras and knickers bright and patterned, or are they mostly black? What kind of colour palette does she prefer? Are you seeing lots of lace, or just plain cotton? All of these things are good to keep in mind to make your life a little easier once you come in to pick that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

From balcony to plunge, full-cup to longline… the world of bra styles can seem like a minefield and there are many many different types of bras in the giant world of lingerie.Some are better suited for busty gals, and some are better for smaller frames. Take a look at the shape of your partner’s regular bras and let us know the shape (or look on the Mish Online website to find similar) and let us help you with picking the perfect shape bra for your partner. 


A nice alternative (or addition!) to a bra and pants set is a body – bodies are really nice to wear under clothes but also super sexy and easy to buy as they come in clothes sizes and accommodate a large array of bust sizes. For example the Superboost lace body from Goassard can fit anything from a 32D to a 34GG and can be worn under a dress with a bra, but also with no bra. They are nice and warm for wearing under clothes in winter and make you feel held in and beautiful. Likewise with gorgeous lace chemises like this Wacoal lace affair. We also stock a gorgeous range of luxurious loungewear by Mey which is perhaps not as ‘sexy’ as a gift for Valentine’s, but it might be something that a lady wouldn’t buy herself so it’s a really lovely gift and something she’ll wear time and time again.  

Luxury Lingerie Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Below we’ve picked out some of the more traditionally ‘Valentines-y’ lingerie items (red and black!) to get you thinking about what she might like as a gift this year. But we can’t highlight enough that coming in to have a chat is the best way so we can carefully guide you to choosing exactly what will evoke enormous grins on Valentine’s morning – from you and her. Happy Valentine’s day!

Simply call us on 01208 816446 to book your partner’s luxury fitting experience or to buy a gift voucher. Or pop in to say hi and chat about finding your perfect Valentine’s gift, we’re very friendly honest!

Mish xx

2020… As another new year rolls around you promise yourself that THIS is your year! You’re going to finally dust off those trainers. No, really this time. This is the year when you’ll get fit, the year you’ll start walking up the stairs rather than taking the lift, the year you’ll run that half marathon,  the year you’ll eat healthily and achieve those health goals and be really “truly happy” (whatever that means).  

2020 is your year and you’re going to smash it!

It is then that you realise that your trainers have seen better days and you don’t have a sports bra, but you do have a comfortable old bra that you don’t wear anymore so it will be good for getting sweaty. Your plans for a run get waylaid as you start searching the internet for new trainers.  Your old comfy bra will be ok, as long as you can stretch in it, right? 


We can’t help you with your trainers unfortunately, but we’re here to tell you about the importance of wearing a good sports bra and how it can make or break the ‘new you’. Yes really. 

Read on dear reader, this is the advice you need to help you achieve those new year fitness goals…


elomi sports bra geometric

The Invention of the Sports Bra

Women in ancient civilisations used to bind their chests with leather to stop their boobs bouncing around and legend has it that the Amazons of Ancient Greece used to actually cut off their right breasts to partake in archery pursuits. In the 1920s French sportswoman Violette Morris even chose to have a double mastectomy because her breasts “impeded control” of her racing car!

Thankfully, sports bra technology has come on leaps and bounds (pardon the pun) since the sports bra was invented in 1977 and put a stop to all that historic craziness. Commercial sports bras came into circulation thanks to the new popularity of jogging in the US and the women’s liberation movement. And our boobs have been grateful ever since.

The Importance of a Good Quality (Properly-Fitted) Sports Bra

Your sporting performance can be affected by the type of bra you wear. During high impact activities like running, a normal bra cannot prevent your breasts from bouncing back and forth.  If you don’t wear a sports bra then the Cooper ligaments (that maintain the shape and height of the breast) can tear and become damaged. Just as with any sport-related ligament damage, this hurts! Also, once they’ve been stretched they don’t shrink back so you need to take the utmost care because gravity is queen!

Breasts can move as much as 8 inches during exercise up and down, in and out and from side to side. This figure-of-eight-shaped boob dance when exercising means that a good quality supportive sports bra is a must, especially for high impact sports such as running. 

sports bras and why they're so important


A good pair of trainers should cushion the foot, give arch support and improve athletic performance by aiding the prevention of injury. A sports bra is no different and equally as important – but for your boobs instead of your feet. If your sports bra is ill-fitting or not supportive enough it can damage delicate breast tissue, cause back pain and even restrict your breathing – which of course will make exercise more difficult and hamper your keep-fit efforts.

Here at Mish we generally specialise in bras for larger boobs but where sports bras are concerned, even women with smaller boobs need to get correctly-fitted and wear a good quality sports bra when exercising. You wouldn’t exercise in trainers that are too small (or too big), so why would you wear an incorrectly-sized sports bra?

What Makes a Good Sports Bra?

A good quality sports bra should have cool breathable panels, be able to wick away moisture and have a wide elasticated chest band which can reduce bounce (as with this non-wired Shock Absorber running sports bra which reduces bounce by up to 78%, and this wired sports bra by Panache which reduces bounce by 83%!)

Along with this, it needs to fit correctly! Take a look at our bra fitting guide for advice. A good sports bra needs to fit a little more snug than a regular bra but shouldn’t restrict breathing. You should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders. If you choose an underwired sports bra then it should lay flat against the ribcage. The band shouldn’t ride up when you raise your hands above your head and ideally the cups should be seamfree and moulded to ensure that you avoid the dreaded nipple rub!  Your breasts shouldn’t bulge – pay close attention to any bulging at the top or by the underarm. Furthermore, the cups shouldn’t have any wrinkles or gaps. If the cup fabric is wrinkled, try a smaller size. 

panache sports bra in graffiti

Can I Wear the Same Sports Bra for All Sports?

While having one reliable sports bra in your gym kit is a necessity, ideally you’ll have a few on the go for different activities, such as a simpler style for yoga and a high impact design for more intensive workout sessions. Choosing a sports bra which is supportive for running and court sports, or aerobics and yoga means choosing one which is lightweight, flexible and which has the technology to withstand high impact activity too. 

Things to Consider:

  • If you plan on weight training, dancing or boxing, a bra with a good low cut around the armpit will restrict chafing on the armpit. Good to consider when doing wide arm movements, whether it’s warrior II pose or a deadlift. 
  • If doing yoga or low impact sports then consider a lightweight freestyle non-wired bra with a racer back style to give freedom of movement. Also consider the neckline and compression of the bra to ensure your boobs don’t fall out when you’re practicing those tricky yoga inversions!  
  • Compression/Encapsulation: Most regular bras offer encapsulation (where each breast is encapsulated by a cup, supporting each boob individually) but many sports bras offer compression (where the breasts are compressed against the chest to restrict movement). Consider which works best for you and your breast size/chosen sport.
  •  Don’t be embarrassed to try your chosen sports bra on and jump up and down, jog on the spot, do jumping jacks and stretch those arms around. If it feels supportive and comfortable, you’re set!

Triumph Triaction Control Lite Wired Sports Bra In Pink Lemonade

Getting Fit, Getting Strong

Getting fit is not necessarily about weight loss – it’s about being fit and healthy and strong. It’s about seeing what the body can do and pushing it that little bit further to make you feel good. Whether that means a 10k run or a swim in the local pool, just getting moving is a positive step for your body and your mind.  We love Georgina Horne @fullerfigurefullerbust who has a good workout on her grid which shows how moving and feeling strong can make you feel incredible. 

Park Run organises Saturday morning runs in communities all around the UK. The runs are open to all; anybody and everybody of all ages and running abilities can take part in a park run – you can run, jog or walk the course and speed doesn’t matter. Taking part and getting moving is what it’s all about! This is a great drive to get people out and about in their communities and an awesome way to start getting fit. And once you have a good bra and your boobs aren’t uncomfortably getting squashed or jostled about when you exercise, you might find that you really enjoy it!

We stock a good selection of sports bras which are suitable for all your sporting needs, just pop in to our shop in Wadebridge and we can fit you and advise you on the best sports bra for you. 

Take a look below at a few of our favourite sports bras and their benefits, we hope you’ll now be clued up on the importance of a good sports bra and come in to be fitted for yours soon. 

“New year new you” starts here!

You’ve just popped a baby out, your nipples are red raw and there’s milk spraying out when you least expect it. Oh the joys of new mummyhood! Breastfeeding can be a walk in the park for some, but for others it’s a difficult journey which takes lots of practice and saintly patience. And then there is the minefield of nursing bras! Which should you choose and why are they necessary?

Nursing bras are a crucially important addition to your maternity/new mum kit for numerous reasons. A good nursing bra will offer comfort and support, a bad one could contribute to damaging the milk ducts and could cause pain or mastitis. Here we look at the main questions we get asked about nursing bras and why it’s SO important to wear a decent one…

Nursing Bras Cornwall

Nursing Bras: All Your Questions Answered…

What is the Purpose of a Nursing Bra?

A nursing bra is (as you might gather by the name) a bra that you wear whilst nursing/feeding your baby.  Nursing bras differ to maternity bras as they have easy access to your breasts for feeding/pumping without actually having to remove your bra (or stretch the cup out of shape!). A woman’s breasts will continue to change in size throughout her lifetime, and it is particularly noticeable around pregnancy and post-birth. New mums will notice large fluctuations in breast size as the body learns to regulate its milk supply to suit your baby. Ordinary bras do not have the ability to accommodate the enormous changes which will happen to your breasts while pregnant and nursing so a nursing bra is a must-have for breastfeeding mums. 

It’s important to use a good quality nursing bra for the duration you breastfeed your baby with soft cups or nursing flexiwires with at least 6 rows of hooks and eyes (ordinary bras usually only have 3). The back band of your bra provides 80% of the support, so this is very important. This will allow your bra to have room for the diaphragm and rib cage to expand during pregnancy, and the ability to tighten after the baby is born and it all settles back down again. Nursing bras have clips on the straps to easily access the breast, and some of our new style nursing bras actually use magnets which makes it even easier still!

hotmilk lingerie show off

When Should I Buy a Nursing Bra?

The rib cage expands in pregnancy to accommodate your bulging uterus and the baby growing inside it, and during this time some women can go up 2 or 3 back sizes. For this reason we advise that you come to get fitted regularly during your pregnancy to ensure that you are wearing the correct size wireless or flexi-wire bra right from the outset when you see that little blue line on the pregnancy stick.

You can wear a nursing bra at any stage of your pregnancy (some of ours are so pretty and comfy that we have women wearing them even if they’re not pregnant!) and we advise getting your final nursing bra fitting 3-5 weeks before your due date to ensure that you have something with you to take to the hospital that will fit well and be comfortable from the outset. When you’re packing your hospital bag you can pack everything but the kitchen sink for baby, but sometimes forget you! So don’t forget the essentials you will need, including that properly fitted nursing bra. 

Here at Mish we advise leaving the tags on just in case you are unable to breastfeed and we will fully refund you (as long as it’s unworn and you have the receipts!) should you no longer have use for a nursing bra once baby arrives. 

sugar candy nursing bra

What Size Nursing Bra Will I Need?

Many new mums make the mistake of choosing nursing bras “off the shelf” just with extra room in the cup. We really don’t advise doing this as an ill-fitting cup won’t offer your breasts that much-needed extra support required and it can lead to problems. 

We can’t accentuate enough the need to get properly fitted by a bra fitting specialist to ensure that your nursing bra is comfortable and correctly-fitting. This is important for your health and comfort; two things which all women need to consider and not just when nursing. A good nursing bra will have stretchy fabric on the top of the cup; this will allow for movement in the breast as it produces milk. Don’t just size up and hope for the best – you will need to visit a proper bra fitting specialist and be correctly fitted to ensure you are looking after your boob’s best interests.   

How Many Nursing Bras Will I Need?

We get asked this a lot! We always recommend starting off with at least two nursing bras so that you can have one in the wash and one on the go. Even with good breast pads (we recommend Hotmilk washable nursing pads), your bras are still likely to get milk-sodden and need washing more regularly than would a ‘normal’ bra. You’re likely to be wearing your nursing bra to bed (see next point) so washing will be required more frequently than you would for a normal bra that you only wear during the day. Definitely start with two nursing bras and then get remeasured a few months in when your milk supply has settled and your boobs aren’t fluctuating so much as in those early days of new motherhood. 

Should I Wear a Nursing Bra to Bed?

We find that most breastfeeding mums like to wear a bra to bed, and this is for two reasons. Firstly, night time is often when milk production is at its highest (hence the sleepless nights!) so leakage might be common and you’ll need breast pads, and breast pads need something to go in – a bra! Secondly; support. Your boobs are likely to be tender and need some extra support when you’re lactating so a comfortable bra is crucial so you can wear it at night too. Seamless multifit bras and nighttime maternity bras such as this one from Hotmilk will prove a god-send for a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Are Underwire Nursing Bras Harmful?

There’s lots of talk about underwires causing mastitis or stopping lactation. Research shows that an ill-fitting bra which is too tight and squeezes the breast tissue will actually cause more damage than a wired bra that is perfectly and correctly fitted, wired or not. 

Correctly fitted underwired bras can be worn during pregnancy, but we don’t recommend the use of underwire bras during the first three months of your pregnancy or the first 6 weeks post-partum because these are the times when your breasts are fluctuating most. Regular changes in your breast (you’ll find that they can even change hourly!) will inhibit it from fitting perfectly into the cup and could cause some hindrance to you.

What is a Flexiwire Bra?

Flexiwire bras (such as the ProjectMe Warrior nursing bra) are a good alternative to normal underwired bras whilst pregnant, and are a very popular option for pregnant mums. A flexi-wire bra contains a lighter, more flexible wire in it than traditional wired bras. The flexible wire sits in the wire channel in much the same way as in your regular underwire bra, but is more supple and bendy. Flexible wire that is specially designed for nursing bras generally have a wider smile (curve) to help ensure that it sits comfortably below the breast tissue and not on it. If you feel like you want wire then ensure you’re properly fitted and the nursing bra is high quality from a reputable brand (have a look through our range of nursing bras and lingerie to see what we suggest!)

Where Can I Buy Nursing Sports Bras?

If you are a sporty type and can’t wait to get back to your fitness regime after baby arrives then a nursing sports bra will be a necessity because your milk-filled boobs will be heavier and more sensitive than they were pre-baby. Even when not nursing, breasts can move 8.26 inches during exercise as they move up and down, in and out and from side to side! So a good quality supportive nursing sports bra is a must. With cooling breathable panels and sports elastic under the bust to anchor the bra to the body, a nursing sports bra is quite a technical addition to the maternity wardrobe.  Hotmilk make a great range of nursing sports bras for the larger bust such as this Activate Sports flexiwire nursing bra. The good news is that if you exercise/workout when your baby is not around, then it’s fine to wear your usual sports bra. 

maternity sports bra

Where Can I Find Nursing Bras for the Bigger Bust?

Here at Mish we specialise in providing bras for the fuller bust, and our nursing bras are no different. We stock a beautiful (and comfortable!) range of stunning nursing bras for the bigger bust from maternity lingerie specisliasts Hotmilk, ProjectMe and Sugar Candy

When you’re exhausted and not feeling like yourself, at least you can smile at the knowledge that underneath that comfy old t-shirt is a beautiful sexy nursing bra making you feel incredible. And that’s priceless.    

Where to Find Nursing Bras in Cornwall

For an in-store nursing bra fitting just pop in to the Mish shop on Eddystone Court, Wadebridge and one of our specialists will be on hand to fit you. We can’t wait to welcome you and get you perfectly fitted into your choice of nursing bra to help your journey into motherhood run that little bit more smoothly… You’re too good to hide!

Last week we mentioned there was only one secret you needed to know to ensure your party dress is looking its best – and that’s getting your underwear right! Now that we’ve got the sizing bit of out of the way (for tips on finding your fit, view our post from last week), let’s get onto the fun stuff! STYLES!

Just over a week ago The Daily Mail released their ‘Ultimate Christmas Party Dress Hot List’ and it really is the ultimate list, we can guarantee you there is a style to suit whatever your shape, budget and event!

So to make your life just that little bit easier this Christmas (because we all know there is so much to do this time of year!) we have picked a couple of our favourite styles from the list, and handpicked the perfect lingerie solution for it!

Are you ready to be inspired?

                 2E80A6CF00000578-3320542-Left_Sequin_shift_dress_blue_40_Missguided_Right_-m-50_1447687294540 superboost_lace_7711_7714_twilight_frontcropped

Dress: Low Cut V-necks
Bra: Gossard Superboost Padded Plunge in Twilight
Why: Superboost offers a low front centre gore and thin straps for minimal coverage, meaning no unsightly bra flashes!

                     2E80802300000578-3320542-Left_Silver_Metallic_Shift_Dress_26_Wallis_-m-34_1447686295109  elodie-cobalt-underwired-side-support-bra-2182-brief-2185-fcropped

Dress: Wrap Dresses
Bra: Fantasie Elodie Balcony in Cobalt
Why: Elodie is the one for wrap dresses as it’s balcony style has wide set straps that will sit perfectly underneath. Wrap dresses are great if you require a bra with a higher front for that extra support!

                  2E91043100000578-3320542-Left_Zizzi_Velvet_Faux_Wrap_Effect_Dress_64_90_Right_-a-7_1447859556332 anushka-black-underwired-plunge-bra-4061-brief-4065-fcropped

Dress: Plus Size
Bra: Elomi Anushka Plunge 
Why: Elomi is always are go to style for fuller breasts! They offer fantastic support and are absolutely gorgeous. We think Anushka will jingle all the way this Christmas with it’s fiery red colour and pretty lace detailing!

    2E7FBDDC00000578-3320542-Left_Embellished_Grey_Strappy_Midi_Prom_Dress_75_Simply_Be_-a-30_1447686150559 evie_strapless_nude-crop 2E8ED1BF00000578-3320542-Left_Chi_Chi_London_Niamh_Dress_39_99-m-30_1447846172974

Dresses: Spaghetti Straps & Strapless
Bra: Panache Evie Strapless in Nude
Why: Seems obvious really doesn’t it? Strapless dresses need a strapless bra. But what about those with those teeny tiny thin straps? Best to keep the straps away and opt for strapless there too! We love Evie by Panache as it offers all the support of a normal bra and it’s paneled cups means it has an amazing fit!

2E91D92A00000578-3320542-image-a-28_1447862402649 evie_strapless_bra_black-crop

Dress: Sheer
Bra: Panache Evie Strapless in Black
Why: There’s nothing more feminine and classic than a sheer or lace panel! So again, lets not ruin the appeal with unpleasant straps, and guess what? Evie also comes in Black.

2E812A7600000578-3320542-Left_Royal_Blue_Glitter_Lace_Bodycon_Dress_34_99_Quiz_Right_-a-85_1447692892363 2123_natural_front 2E80996400000578-3320542-image-m-40_1447686853680

Dress: Tailored Shifts & Bodycons
Shapewear: Spanx High Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts
Why: Shapewear is perfect for smoothing out your silhouette and emphasing all your curves! Just what the fitted dress called for.

2E812A7A00000578-3320542-Left_Red_Sequin_Chevron_Zig_Zag_Maxi_Dress_69_99_Quiz_Right_the_-a-80_1447692816182 allegra-white-underwired-side-support-bra-9092-short-9096-f

Dress: High Necklines
Bra: Fantasie Allegra with Side Support in White
Why: High necklines can really show off your shape, so stop your breasts from looking east & west by choosing a bra with an added side support panel in the cups! Side support helps project your shape forward and will keep you looking neat and tidy.

2E91976100000578-3320542-Left_Pepperberry_Phoenix_Dress_95_Right_-a-27_1447862359805 jessica_trade_suspenders_cmykcropped

Dress: Cocktail Dress
Bra: Tutti Rouge Jessica Plunge with Tutti Booster
Why: Some dresses really do want that va-va-voom! And Jessica is the only one you need for that. Jessica comes with Tutti Booster pads in 2 different sizes, so you can tailor that oomph from day to night!

If you’re still struggling to find your perfect match, then why not pop in-store with your party dress and we’ll get you sorted! Alternatively, drop us an email at with a photo of your outfit.


Can you believe it? It’s that time of year again. The sound of sleigh bells are coming around the corner, it’s nearly time to pucker up for a kiss under the mistletoe and we’re all starting to get in a tangle trying to wrap those pretty ribbon bows around the presents! All of this can only mean one thing….party dress season has officially arrived!

Whether you’re planning on treating yourself to a shiny new outfit, or you’re dusting off your trusty favourite, there is only one secret you need to know to ensure your dress is looking its best…


Yes you read that correctly, it’s all about the underwear. Get the foundation right and everything else will fall into place. It really is that easy.


The only thing you need to know, is make sure your bra fits!

Not only will it drastically change the overall shape it’ll give you, but do you know what? It’s actually a lot more comfortable (perfect for getting a little Christmas boogie on!) and helps improve breast health.

Our top three tips to ensure you’re wearing a well fitted bra:


  • The band should be fitted nice and snug running parallel to the bottom of the cups. If the band is riding up your back, or you can pull it a good couple of inches away from your body, then the band is too big, which means losing 80% of the support of the bra. Try going down a size or 2 and see how that fits. But remember, for every band size you go down, go up 1 size in the cup! (See our post about sister sizing)


  • The Cups! What you are looking for is that the centre gore of the bra sits flat against your body and the top edge of the cup is sitting smoothly over your breasts. To check that the wires are not pressing on the edge of your breast tissue (just under your arm) simply pop your arm out to the side, pull away the side of the cups and check that the wires are sitting behind the start of your breast tissue (you may need to use a mirror to help, you ask a trusted friend of partner).
    • The most obvious sign that your cups are too small is that dreaded 4 boob look! (We’ve all been there haven’t we?) You’ll notice this if you find that your breasts spill out over the top, from the sides, or that the top edge of the bra is beginning to cut into the skin. Other signs to look out for include, the centre gore sitting away from your body, and the uncomfortable feeling of wires digging into you (no Christmas boogieing for you!)
    • Alternatively, if the cups are too big, then you will notice quite a gap between the bra and your breast, or an excess of fabric. If, like most of us, you have 1 boob slightly bigger than the other, then we always recommend fitting to the fuller side to ensure the best support.


  • The straps offer 10% each of the support in your bra, so check they are sitting correctly by popping your fingers in under the straps and lift them up off your shoulders. A well-adjusted strap should lift no more than about 2 inches. If you can stretch them up over your ears, you might want to tighten them a little.

We always recommend dropping in-store and getting professionally fitted by one of our trained fitters, but if you don’t happen to live nearby then we’ve always got our carefully crafted Bra Size Calculator on our website for you to try!

Stay tuned for part two next week, where we’ll be offering our tops tips on lingerie styles to best suit your outfits this year!


You know how important it is for you to #FreeTheSqueeze by wearing a well fitted, supportive bra and how much of a difference it can make to your well-being, confidence and posture!

Introducing your daughter to bra fittings during the early stages of breast development is a great way to instill this positive habit of a lifetime!


When should my daughter first be fitted?

There is no correct age in which your daughter should first be fitted for a bra. We are all different, and grow and develop at different rates. For some girls, this may be as young as 9 or 10, whilst others may be older. As a guide we would recommend getting her fitted as soon as there are signs of breast tissue developing.

Why does she need a bra?

It’s important to start supporting the breasts as they begin to grow and a bra helps to prevent any damage that can be caused to the breast ligaments.

What should I be looking for when choosing a first bra for my daughter?

If it’s her first bra that you’re looking for, then we would recommend trying a non-wired soft cup bra to begin with as girls can grow quickly and rapidly, and this helps to prevent any pressure being applied to the developing breast tissue from the wire. Soft cup bras are incredibly comfortable and a great way to start introducing your daughter to the feeling of wearing one.

What’s the difference between a padded and a moulded foam bra?

You may find that the style of bra your daughter wants may differ from what you would feel comfortable with her wearing. Many girls will say they prefer to wear a ‘padded’ bra because they offer modesty and hide their nipples which they may feel self-conscious about. In reality it is not a padded bra they are after, but actually a moulded foam cup bra. A moulded foam cup offers a seam free cup and a very light padded covering that is discreet and smooth under clothing, but does not provide any additional sizing or push up of the breasts that a padded bra will.

What type of bra should my daughter wear during PE?

The added weight of the breast tissue will cause the chest to bounce during exercise which can put strain on the ligaments and damage them. Wearing a sports bra during PE lessons or any physical activities and hobbies, is a great way for your daughter to support herself and also keep herself feeling comfortable! .

What if my daughter is feeling shy about having a bra fitting?

It’s perfectly normal for your daughter to feel shy or nervous about having her first bra fitting, but there is nothing or her to be embarrassed about. Assure her that we (including us bra fitters) have all been there before! It may help to put her at ease by inviting her sister, cousin or some friends and turning it into a girls trip out. She’ll be surprised how much fun it can really be!

Here’s a couple of bras that we love:

Royce Missy Petal and Plain White 2 Pack


The Missy collection by Royce have been specifically designed to be your daughters first bra! They contain no wires and have soft moulded foam cups, so not only are they practical and comfortable, but conveniently come in a pack of 2! Each pack consists of 1 pretty design like the petal bra featured above, and a plain white one suitable for her to wear under her school uniform. Available in an A-D cup and band size 30-36, and is also available in a cute cupcake design!

Lepel Athena Soft Cup


Another fantastic choice for a non-wired soft cup bra, is the Athena by Lepel. It’s discreet enough for everyday wearing and suitable to wear under anything, and the added features of a lovely lace band and small pale pink satin bow detailing give it a pretty finish.

Lepel Lyla Balconette 


Lyla is available as both a soft cup (in-store only) and as a wired t-shirt bra, so is a great transition bra when your daughter reaches the size when a little more support is needed. Lyla has seam free moulded cups to be discreet under clothing, but like Athena, features delicate lace detailing on the band.

Freya Eden Half Cup


How about something lighthearted for after school or at the weekends? The Eden half cup by Freya features a pale floral print that’s cute and fresh, whilst the half cup style is very lightly padded to help shape the cup and offer some modesty.

We have plenty more styles available in store, and a team of friendly trained fitters, so if you have any questions, would like some more information or would like to book your daughter in for fitting, then simply drop us message and get in touch!

Happy friday ladies!

You might have remembered that last month we hosted a blogger event at our shop in Bodmin? Well here is another great review of the day, this time by the fantastic Slummy Single Mummy!

Slummy Single Mummy Blog

Read all about her day with us here.

Mish Panache Blogger Event

Now, we have a special little thank you to give to Jo from SSM. Team member Stacie attended a blogger workshop back in February, run by Jo herself! It was such an inspiring morning, and Jo was so lovely, that we decided we needed to invite her and some other local South West bloggers to pop over to spend the day with us, and viola, it was the beginnings of our blogger event!

So, thank you Jo!

As you may have seen on our blog last week, we held our first blogger event at the start of this month, and we had such a great time meeting all the fab ladies that came, that we want to share with you their reviews of the day.

Last week we featured Stevie’s from A Cornish Mum.

Our next review comes from the lovely Alison from Shut The Frock Up (how great is that name?), so why not kick back and relax whilst having a little read!

photo 3 (5)

Alison is wearing Maddie Pop by Cleo by Panache. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Alison is also the designer and owner of Cornish based vintage inspired clothing label Silly Old Sea Dog. We’re loving her 1950s Style Grey Flamingo Dress:

11755286_932711700100396_8444874631036060202_n (1)